Things to Consider When Building up an Effective Website Design

Businesses consider building their website to increase brand awareness and to flaunt more about the product and services they offer. Website design is essential to add on the things you need to consider in creating a compelling and informative user-friendly website. You do not want higher bounce rates which means losing website visitors to be your customers.

So, follow the below list of key tips to start an effective website design: 

Make it simple

You do not need to make your website look complex to make it effective. Remember, less is more. Be direct to the point; give only necessary options that you think customers need. Avoid putting too much in the mind of users leading them to hardly come up with a decision.

A simple, clean design naturally catches the attention of the users. Make it professional yet sophisticated. Do not waste your time putting too much decoration that are overwhelming and does not really helpful in the first place.

Add accurate visuals

Images and videos can communicate better than words. They can strategically encourage users to continue scrolling on your website and click your call-to-action buttons thus giving you more conversions in no time.

Only pick high resolution images and videos that are related to your brand content. You can also use infographics to replace on your long texts information to grab the attention of users while easily conveying the information you want to share to them.

Be consistent

Website design is not only about making your website look good, but it is more of giving a good flow of the information you like to tell users. Therefore, an effective website design has consistent layout in every page. You can play with the design as long as it still looks interesting and match the entire style.

Speed up loading time

Users tend to look for other websites if it takes longer than usual to load your website, so if you think you have a slow page speed, then you might be losing valuable customers. Make sure that your images and files are optimized by reducing their size. You can also upgrade your servers if you tried it and it does not work. Then test your website to ensure it loads and works on both desktop and mobile.

Making an effective website design needs proper planning and creativity. You need to create a strategic goal to most likely attract potential customers to convert. If you would like to know more about creating effective web design, contact us today!

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Key Points on How to Effectively Run Your Facebook Ads

More and more businesses have proven that Facebook ads effectively work. Facebook offers new ad strategies and tools. Here are some tips that can help businesses use these new features at their advantage:

Try Facebook’s Power 5

Businesses and advertisers do not need to manually plan and optimize their ads now because Facebook has machine learning algorithms that will do most of this work called the Facebook’s Power 5. It is an automated ad campaign that assists advertisers to be successful on their ads.

The best part is, you can pick and use more than one placement and the algorithms will be the one to figure out what is best for your ad and cut the budget for the others.

Use Click-to-Messenger Facebook Ads

Instead of website conversions, you can use Click-to-Messenger Facebook Ads tool to make a call-to-action button on your Facebook ads leading potential customers to connect with you on Messenger. This is more interactive and has lower cost per acquisition of traffic, conversion campaigns, and more.

Go with the Dynamic Creative

This Dynamic creative tool is the most powerful tool of the Facebook Power 5. This tool uses an algorithm to test which creative works best for your ad.

Create your ad with images, videos, and catchy and descriptive captions that Facebook will match to scientifically come up with the most effective ad campaign result thus optimizing your ad performance.

Use Instagram Story Placements

Instagram continues to get highest engagement level especially when it launched Instagram story which has been recently used for advertising. Advertisers are taking advantage of this tool since it has the lowest cost per impression among Facebook ad placement and proven to be more effective since users view stories every day.

The ad for Instagram story should follow a vertical format that may include text, images, GIF, videos, and emoji to be optimized. It has a “Swipe Up” call-to-action button that can lead to certain landing page like website.

Facebook continuously adopt new technology and new strategic ad placements that help advertisers and businesses get the most out of their Facebook ads. In order to take advantage of the new features and options, you need to always be updated with the latest shifts – getting more chances to promote your brand effectively at a lower cost.

If you would like to know more about Facebook ads and how you can run them effectively, give us a call.

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Expand Your Visibility in Local Search through Google Posts

Businesses are starting to create their Google My Business page to improve their local presence on Google – and making their Google Posts is relatively helpful.

While Google My Business helps provide people with your business information like your type of business, websites, location, and more to local search and Google Maps, Google posts pitch in to better your engagement with your customers in your area that are looking for products and services like the ones you offer.

What to add to your Google Posts?

Adding Google posts can go a long way in making your business known online. Here are the four different types of content that Google Posts allow you to publish on your GMB page:

  • What’s New: You can pick it to post the latest news or blogs regarding the products and services you offer.
  • Event: If your business has an upcoming launch of an event, you can provide information about it in this section.
  • Offer: You can promote the products and services you offer in this category.
  • Product: If you have a specific product that you want to sell more or feature in a particular time, you can choose this section

Posting regularly on your Google profile can build your relationship with your existing and future customers, thus giving you a higher chance to engage them with your business. Using this Google platform gives you the opportunity to inform customers about what is happening in your business and what more your customers can expect from you.

How to make the most out of Google Posts with SEO

Google posts are easy to make and completely free to publish; that is why businesses should take advantage of trying it out. With the right combination of strategic planning and management, you can make quality content that can increase your benefit on the local search in your area.

Some key tips to keep in mind in using Google Post feature:

Always post updates. Publish regularly to interact with clients because posts are only live for only 7 days and up to 14 days for events.

Use virtual images or videos. Catch people’s attention using captivating photos or other visuals in your content. This helps to better communicate your message.

Use call-to-action in every post. Engage with your clients using call-to-actions.

Frequently posting contents on your GMB notifies Google about your business and creates brand awareness to the search engines and increase your SEO visibility which positively affects your overall ranking.

To know more about Google Posts, call us today!

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Engaging More Customers through Sending Photos in Google My Business Messaging App

Google My Business is releasing a messaging app new feature where businesses can also send photos other than text messages to their customers to make their conversations more engaging. Here are a few tips on how to use this feature to your business advantage:

Notify your customers about your new products or services

Sending great captured photos of your newly offered products or/and services to your customers are good strategy in attracting them to make a purchase. They will be more likely to visit your shop or office if you can give them evidence of more than what you say.

Tell them about your recent accomplishments

Make advantage of your recent successful projects or events your business has been doing. For instance, if you just launch a new branch of your shop or a satisfied customer take a photo of him with your products, you can send them to your customers to prove that you are doing great and thus giving them the idea to also try your products or services.

Screenshots of Customers’ Testimonials

Latest reviews of your products and services from real customers can do magic to your business. You can screenshot your reviews from your Google listing or other business profiles like Yelp or Facebook to show your customers through the app. Most of the time, they will realize that they need the things you offer which opens to higher chance of being your customer.

Truly, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. People often rely on the real photos of proofs of products and services that businesses offer before purchasing. This Google My Business messaging app feature can boost businesses strategy in engaging more customers and leads.

If you would like to know more about Google My Business, call us today!

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What You Need To Know To Manage Your Online Reviews

Online reviews can build or destroy your business depending on how you manage them. Good or bad, you should need to know what to do when you get reviews from your customers. The following is a list on how to successfully manage your customer reviews:

Monitor your online reviews

The best way to manage your reviews is to monitor them. You can check your Google listing or other business profiles from time to time to be updated of what people say about your business. Most likely, you will get a notification when someone leaves you a review – use that to your advantage.

Do not ask for fake reviews

As much as you want your business to be known online or offline, offering compensations for customers to leave you a positive review is not a good idea. Fake reviews often breaks marketplace trust that can later on suspend your business.

Always respond to reviews

Whether the review is good, bad, or fake, it needs to be acknowledged. You can simply thank those who say good things about your business and try to resolve situations where the customers have not been satisfied with your service. An honest timely response can help future customers make their purchasing decision.

Build your relationship with your customers

The more you respond to reviews, the more you will be appreciated by your customers. Learn how to be professional and know how to reply genuinely. Avoid sending scripted response because every customer has different needs and unique experiences about your business. Show them that you care for them and compensate for every inconvenience they had during their transactions with you.

Engage with your customers offline

It is not better to make your conversation with your unsatisfied customers online. Offer them to connect with you offline by asking them to visit your office or call you via phone and talk to you regarding the matter. Being engaged with your customers increases the chances of changing their bad review to a good one because of your effort in making their experience better.

Control your emotions and remember it is business

We cannot prevent getting negative reviews but it is up to you if it will ruin your business or not. When you receive a bad review, take it professional. Resolve the issue with your customer and try taking necessary actions it to improve your products or services.

If you would like to know more about managing reviews, call us today!

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What Do Clients See About Your Brand Reputation in Search?

Building a reputation is harder than to destroy one.  In business, it represents your brand or your company’s success. You need to maintain and protect it in order to help improve your marketing performance.

Here are some tips you can do to preserve brand reputation:

  1. Use Google Questions and Answers to your advantage

This Google tool is ideal for customers who want to know more about your brands. Anyone who can see your Google listing can ask questions related to the products and/or services you offer. In this case, you can have it at your own advantage by answering their queries in prompt manner which can build their trust on your business. You can keep track on new queries by making your listing to get you notified when there’s a new one. As fast as you answer their questions, as much as leads you can have.

  1. Stand out Using Structured Data

Structured data in Google is a conventional format through which information pertaining to a website can be provided. A good brand presence is critical for business success. This is achieved by employing structured data for showing a wealth of results for the users, and stands as one of the most professional ways through which a brand can be marketed.

  1. Do not go AWOL!

Name, Address and Phone are the most basic but useful information in brand identity. Having this information easily accessible on your Google My Business profile improves the SEO strategies you have set in motion as well as the fortification of your brand identity. Always make sure that all of your information in your listing and website are updated.

  1. Be sure to keep your social media channels optimized for search outcome

It is important to incorporate your social media profile like Facebook, LinkedIn, and more with your other online pages so that customers can have multiple ways of reaching you depending on their convenience. This will not only optimize your social presence but it will also improve your online visibility score.

  1. Mark your territory! Run your brand’s PPC ads

This ensures that your competitors in the industry do not use the opportunity to take over your ad space, overshadowing your leads. It also gives you more control over your brand in search as you will be able to enjoy flexibility. Most businesses capitalize on ads that pay while still fortifying their brands in the audience’s memory.

You can do much better with your brands by doing these tips. Just put some effort and a bit of patience, you will never go the wrong way.

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The Magic is in Managing Negative Reviews

Reviews have the potential to promote or bring down a business depending on whether they are positive or negative. Reviews can be either true or fake depending on client’s experience. While some are true, some reviews are not genuine having being written by a disgruntled client.  While a business may not be able to strong arm a client from giving a negative review, they can find ways to have the reviewer change their negative review to a positive one, simply by how they approach the situation.

  1. Monitor Your Reviews Online

Always keep an eye with what people say to you online. Visit directories like Yelp, Google, and others where people can leave you testimonial about their experience with your business. In this way, you can instantly spot a negative review in good time. Stay calm handle the situation with a compromising answer to the review.

  1. Do not mix business and emotions

An emotional response will always take a defensive approach, full of anger. This can only make the problem worse. Evaluating the review in a sound mind helps provide a way around it. Sometimes not responding will even achieve more than responding would. Or you can call the reviewer or respond publicly to apologize and discuss the matter professionally.

  1. Reduce the damage of a negative review

This gives the business the opportunity to know what went wrong or give the reviewer a chance to be listened to. When others see that you endeavor to make it right, it adds to your business’ merit. Your response is important to let people, who would read the review, know that you cared for your customers and you cooperate to resolving things when it goes wrong.

Businesses all over the world are already reaping the results of managing negative reviews, that is why they are getting so many clients! Your competitor is probably doing the same and you would never know. Do not be left behind.

For more information on dealing with online reviews, give us a call!

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Show Up Your Business with Google My Business

Google My Business eliminates the element of distance from the profiles of companies so that potential clients will not shy away from doing business with you because you are far away. This therefore occupies an integral part of the online marketing strategy of your business.

How Google My Business works

To have Google My Business serve you, you have to create a profile on Google My Business. This is a means to improve your visibility on Google search such that potential clients will easily spot your presence.  It will also increase your visibility on Google Maps, making geographical distance a non-factor for clients to do business with you.

Authenticity and Reliability of Google My Business

  1. Honest and accurate service area coverage

As a means to improve customer satisfaction and uphold trust and reliability, Google eliminated the remaining distance-based service areas from this provision so much so that businesses cannot provide false information concerning the extent of their service geographically as a means to attract more consumers when in real sense the business may not be able to deliver. Now, service-area businesses that are presently distance oriented will be automatically changed to the area closest to it. Simply put, this adjustment has altered the number of locations where the listings appears in the search results.

  1. Luxury of choice for Business owners on service area coverage

It is also more reliable because now, the owners of the business will have to look at the locations they prefer as part of their service area coverage.

  1. Accurate service area coverage

This is a benefit for businesses who do not serve areas on where they are actually located at thereby making it possible for them to expand their Google ranking on the service area they put on their listing.

This update on your Google My Business is a way for Google to know what businesses fake their GMB profile to increase search results. Want more info on expanding your business today with Google My Business? Give us a call!

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Possible Reasons Why Your Facebook Advertising Efforts Fail

Facebook advertising is a concept that many people have not really understood which could be why their advertising efforts on Facebook do not achieve any results. It’s time to know what you’re doing wrong with your Ads and make them right.

Here are some:

  1. Your Facebook Ad is not align with your objective

Laying out your objectives is an important part of marketing in the sense that you need to have a solid idea of what you really want your customers to see or what you really want to offer. Once you set your goal, you can proceed to choosing what kind of advertising campaign is best for that goal.

  1. Ignoring first party data in audience targeting

First party data contains important information concerning the clients you have so that you can use it in subsequent engagements with them. Using first party data gives you an edge over your competition because you already have exclusive access with the information of your audience. Thus engaging target customers to likely convert.

  1. Failing to Use Good Images

Contents with dull graphics are useless. Remember that images and videos are essential in catching the attention of your audience. These should be unique, captivating, and timely. People highly appreciate visuals so adding it to your content can drive people to scan your page more.

  1. Adding too much text on your ads

Ads that feature many words are not appealing and will in most instances, be dismissed by the viewers. Make your Facebook ads headline shorter yet informative and catchy. People do not bother to read long paragraphs; perhaps appreciate witty phrases with nice graphics.

  1. Offline results are not recognize

Facebook Ads Manager only records results done by conversions, impressions, and other online clicks but does not actually acknowledge the offline engagements like call leads. One way to use these offline conversions is to encourage customers or clients to leave you a review on Facebook or share your ads to their friends. In this way, you can recover on your social media reputation.

The magic is in the ads! Well, now you know. Want to make the most out of Facebook Advertising? Give us a call!

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How Can SEO Work For Your Business

Higher Google search results directly points to higher business sales and leads, and that’s what SEO has to offer. But, how much do you know about SEO?

The Concept of SEO

SEO is known as the process of establishing one’s online presence in such a way that it will make your business noticeable to search engine thus leading people to you when they find the something you offer.

How SEO works

SEO can work in two different ways:

  1. On-site SEO

On-site SEO involves activities you do in optimizing you website. It includes setting up your website and ensures that the information you put are updated and easy to navigate. Make sure that you put your business location, business hours, about you or your company and what you do or what products are you about to offer. Check if your page is at optimal speed for Google to suggest it and make a good user experience. Also, use relevant keywords on your content so Google can easily “crawl” your pages and ranks it on search results.

  1. Off-site SEO

On the other hand, off-site SEO concerns all the activities done outside the website. It covers action which is taken by other people or business online towards your business. This measures your website’s popularity, relevance, and authority. The more people say good things about your business, the more Google recognizes it which is a good foundation for a quality presence online.

Putting effort in SEO is a great opportunity for your business. Are you ready to optimize your website? Give us a call!

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