Website Design Principles You Should Know for Your Business in 2020

| March 24, 2020

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A website does for a business what a cover does for a book. It represents your ideals and intentions and serves as your primary marketing material in attracting an audience that could be converted into paying customers. Your website can either make or break the business which is why it is very important to know that you are including only the right elements on your page. In this article, we will clue you in on the 5 most important website design principles followed by experts in the industry.

Know what your audience wants

Before starting any kind of business, it is imperative that you have a target market. This is the demographic that you want to sell your products or services to. And they are also the same people you communicate with through your website. Your website should be able to pique the interest of your audience enough to make them want to explore your page and know more about the business. This way, you get a higher potential of attracting customers and making sales.

Up the level of user experience

Seamless user experience is essential for businesses. If a visitor is unable to get the information he needs right away, consider it a lost cause. Make sure that navigation is simple and that links and buttons are right where they need to be, not to mention working and bug-free.

Keep design and content consistent

The design of your website should be able to reflect what is being said in the content and vice versa. If one of these two elements is inconsistent with the other, you fail to communicate what you want your audience to know.

Maintain simplicity

Your website’s overall design should be kept as simple as possible; your text concise and your visuals appealing but not over the top. This allows the audience to focus on what you are trying to say instead of getting distracted with animations and effects. This also helps you achieve a businesslike appeal while still being relatable.

Make sure menu options are accessible

Potential customers visit your website because there is something they are looking for. Be it about an ongoing deal, contact information, reviews, your visitors should be able to find what they want in just a few clicks.

Keep in mind that customers have a very short attention span. And the moment they get stalled because your menu options are not clear and accessible, you risk losing their interest and business.

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