Web Design Trends You Need To Know for 2020

| December 31, 2019

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This 2020, businesses are more focused to web designs that are practical, simple, and effective.  They aim to simplify and improve user experience.  Here are some of the trends we look forward to:

Exciting Website Animation

Animation is one of the biggest changes that website designers will surely consider.  Users start to discover GIFs and animated videos which are very engaging and proven to increase overall user experience.  Also, micro-interactions also jump into the mood.  They are small moving pictures or icons that give a big impact in growing user engagement.  So, start working with your designers to get ready for the shift.

Minimalist Designs are on-track

Unlike before, now, modern websites are better off in minimalist design.  You can expect simpler design with less texts, images, and motions.  The navigation bars are mostly hidden until users need them.  Well, it aims to provide clean and clear interface without unnecessary distractions to make user browsing experience better.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning is in focus of customer service for websites.  Especially nowadays that chatbots are on trend.  They are cost-effective and beneficial to businesses who would rather spend their time with other areas of their business instead of answering the same questions every time from their clients.  However, since AI is not perfect, there is always a need for a human skill.  On the other hand, machine learning is an amazing tool that can create you websites based on user preferences.  How great is that?

Voice Assistants

It is exciting that website designers are considering voice assistants to 2020 website design trends.  Like Siri and Alexa, it could make our life easier.  In terms of using voice assistants in browsing websites, you can for instance ask questions about the business or other information online and it will quickly answer your query.  Cool, right? You do not need to read tons of content, you can have an answer in less than a minute.

As Google continues to improve its algorithm, businesses will always look for big changes to consider in designing their website to keep on track.  There are a lot of trends coming, all you need to do is analyze your website, take some time to search for what is best for your users or potential clients and plan for a successful 2020.

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