Ways to Improve your Google My Business Profile

| December 10, 2019

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Google My Business continues to become better with new tools to get you ahead of your competitors.  If you have not done any of them, here are some tips you should consider:

Get Organic Reviews

If you want your GMB profile to boost its presence on search engines, then GMB reviews are the key.  Though costless, you need to extend your efforts in encouraging your customers or clients to leave you a good one.  Having more reviews increase your chances in being on top of local searches.

Getting organic GMB reviews does not happen overnight.  However, there are a lot of ways you can do to have them.  You can send out emails or postcards to your clients requesting for a review or personally ask them to honestly share their experience with your business.

Stop Spammy Practices

One mistake that businesses keep on doing is cheating the search engines by different spammy tactics including keyword stuffing and automated content.  Also, some hire someone to give them a five-star review which is really a no-no because it can destroy your business’ reputation.  When Google finds out that you are faking your reviews, it will flag your profile and warn everyone to not trust your business.  This will result to losing more conversions and future potential clients.

Acknowledge Negative Reviews

The reason why businesses are tempted to fake reviews is because of the negative reviews.  But instead of engaging your business with spammy practices, reach out to your clients.  Always respond to reviews either good or bad to show your clients and the general public that you care for them and all you want is for them to be happy in every engagement they have with your business.  Apologize to those who had a bad experience with your business and offer them to discuss it to you personally and come up with a solution.  More likely, they will change their bad review to a good one.

Take Advantage of GMB Tools

Optimizing your GMB profile does not only include ensuring your business information is updated or that you have organic reviews, but there are a lot more you can use to make your engagements with your clients better and top the local search result.

Make sure that you frequently make your Google Posts with compelling content with images and videos.  You can also add call-to-actions that may increase your website traffic.  These posts can also be shared to social media encouraging potential clients to follow and keep posted on what is new about your business.  If you want to share clients’ reviews using posters, you can do that too! How cool is that?

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