Tips to Recover From Your Business Bad Reviews

| December 17, 2019

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Receiving negative reviews is part of business.  They might ruin or build your business reputation – and the result is always up to you.  Stay calm and consider these tips in bouncing back from bad reviews:

Pay attention to Bad Reviews

Although bad reviews often annoy you, they should be handled calmly and politely.  Do not ignore them, perhaps, respond and make an offer to compensate with their bad experience whether it might mean giving vouchers or initiating personal talk in your office.

However, if you think the review is fake and it is from a person who is not even a client, avoid battling with it.  Simply reply and explain your perspective on the review.

Be professional

Reviews are visible to the general public. Avoid being oversensitive in dealing with bad reviews because it might hurt your business.  If you take it too personal, people will think no good about your business.

Do not discuss every single thing of the concern in the review section.  Propose a personal discussion with the client who left a bad review to talk about the matter and if he or she agrees, do whatever you can to change their impression about your business.

Avoid Duplicate Responses

Every client has unique situations so learn to compose responses that address each of their concerns.  You can create some editable responses that you can use as templates but make sure to customize them depending on the scenario you had with a client.  Personalized responses are much better to show empathy which makes the message sincere and true.

Accept Bad Reviews to Improve Your Business

Looking at the positive side, bad reviews are an opportunity to improve your business.  Take them as your weapon to make your products or services better so future potential clients will not have the same bad experience again.  Also, learn that people have different views and attitude and you cannot really avoid those who do not like what you offer.  But at the end of the day, keep in mind that bad reviews are inevitable so accept and use them to grow your business.

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