Tips to Consider in Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing for 2020

| January 21, 2020

Tips on Optimizing Blog Image

Google My Business has proven benefits in making people easily find your business.  It increases your visibility on search engines, creates a better shopping experience for customers, and promotes organic traffic to your website and other social channels.

Since this Google tool is free and is easy to use, local businesses find it as an opportunity to manage their online presence.  It provides a panel where you can provide information to help Google understands more about your business.  Here are some tips to optimize your GMB Profile more this 2020:

Update and Monitor Your Business Information

It may sound basic to you but often businesses fail to make their business listing information up-to-date.  The purpose of the Google My Business listing is to give people a quick glance to learn more about your business.  It is in your line to make them visit your business or not.  But consistently monitoring and updating your listing’s information is a sign for Google that you are an active business and that you deserve to be on searches.  Also add a business description that includes the services or products you offer, value, and everything people need to know about your business.

Wisely Choose Business Categories

Even though you can choose up to 10 categories that can show off your services, Google only shows your primary category that is why it is important to pick what is best to give the most weight to.  If you offer marketing services, you can choose marketing agency as your primary category and add web designer and marketing consultant as secondary categories.

Upload Business Images

If you want to drive more customers to your shop or office, add photos.  Especially if you are selling products, show people what you have got.  People will be more likely to visit a restaurant with up-close pics of their dishes rather than the one which just shows their Street View.  Showcase your products or services; it will definitely attract potential customers.

Create Your Google Posts

Whether you want to promote your content, products, services, or an event, Google post is a way to go! You can post whatever is happening to your business.  You can also add a link on your post to redirect people where you want them to learn more details about the post or where you want to receive traffic.

Do you want to know more about optimizing your Google My Business listing for 2020? Give us a call!

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