Tips To Connect With Your Clients and Community During Covid-19

| May 5, 2020

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In many places around the world, strict quarantine and lock-downs have been also been implemented. That is why many businesses have been affected. Some closed temporarily or permanently. Other companies even have skeletal workforce and others applied work-from-home set-up.

Also, people now are more health-conscious and constantly searches for news updates.  Given the change in their work, lifestyle, state in life, it is interesting to note the impact of this in connecting with your clients. Here are some tips:

Start Daily Management of Content and Website
Sales have also been affected because of the pandemic. So you need to reduce your paid search, perhaps focus on updating information on your landing pages like social media, GMB and website. Make sure to upload high-quality search intent content. You can post content related to covid-19 such as prevention measures. People are searching a lot about the virus so it is time for them to find your business, and know that you care for them as well.

Maximize Email Marketing
Stay connected with your clients through sending updates through email. People are most likely to open emails that concern them. And what concerns them most at the moment is the spread of the virus. Make sure to inform them about the latest news and notify them of your recent business situation. If you offer delivery, webinars, or online consultations, let them know as well. They are happy to know you can help them despite of the outbreak.

Focus on Customer Support
It is the time that people rely on the Internet the most to get their needs. So when your clients are experiencing troubles accessing your sites or availing your services, make sure that there is someone you assign to address their issues. Having an active customer service support for your customers builds trust between them and your business.

Help the Community
Most people are having a hard time coping up with covid-19. Even in small ways, your business can help. Protect your staff and customers by implementing work-from-home if necessary. If not, you can assign a skeletal workforce to do the work. Offer delivery option and online sessions for customers so that you can practice social distancing. Sharing information on your website or social sites can help, too. You can use emergency funds to compensate your employees’ salary. If you can, donate or make a fundraising campaign to support relief efforts in your city.

There are a lot ways to connect with your employees and clients and provide help amid this Covid-19, as well as update them about the changes in your business operation. If you need help with website and social media management, give us a call.

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