Tips on How to Handle Your Google My Business Profile During COVID-19 Pandemic

| June 19, 2020

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It is not surprising that businesses have been affected because of the sudden pandemic situation. It has caused a lot of changes to business operations where some businesses have no choice but to announce a temporary closure.

People rely online upon finding the products and services they need, so updating your Google My Business listing is beneficial during this unusual time.

Here are some tips on how you should manage your GMB profile this pandemic:

Update your business information

Make sure that your business hours, phone number, categories, service areas, and other information are updated. If your business is temporarily closed or has a skeletal workforce, update that as well. Some businesses are now offering delivery and accepting mobile payment, so if you do, change your business description and mention those changes.

Remember that your GMB listing is the first place people see when they look for your business online. Thus, if some information is not correct, it might mislead your customers.

Use Google Posts to Communicate

If you have important announcements or other information you want to share with your customers or potential customers regarding your business, you should consider creating a Google post. It is also a perfect tool if you planned to launch a new product or service or offer discounts and promos. This will not only help you post helpful information but it can also help you rank your listing on Google.

Be Active on Responding Reviews & FAQs

Monitor the reviews and questions that you receive on your GMB listing and professionally respond to them. Doing so will give you higher chances to communicate with potential customers that will turn into sales. It will build trust between your business and customers that will create a good reputation online.

Reach out to your customers using the GMB Messaging App

Because of the availability of the messaging app, you can instantly message your customers any information you want them to know. Aside from text, you can also send them catchy images that will make them want to avail. You can install the app on your mobile phone so you can access it anytime.

Regularly updating your Google My Business with the correct information about your business is a powerful way to magnet your products or/and services during the pandemic.

If you need help with updating and managing your Google My Business profile, give us a call!

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