Tips and Techniques on How to Encourage Business Online Reviews

| September 21, 2020

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With all the transactions being made on the surface of the web, how can you assure your clients that your business is real, honest, and reliable? Setting up your online reputation might be a challenging task. People will not trust business unless it has social proof – and online reviews are one. The good thing is, there are ways for you to gain reviews from your recent clients to attract your prospective clients.

A review does not only tell customers that a business is trustworthy but it also helps in its online publicity and visibility. It gives credit to your business that could potentially attract new customers. Gaining reviews is easy. However, gaining positive reviews is not. Most of the time, you see reviews of people who have bad experiences with business and seldomly see positive comments. So, how can you make your happy customers comment on your business? Here are some of the tips you could use to gain more positive feedback for your startup. 

The  6 Easy Tips and Techniques in Encouraging Business Online Reviews

  • First, you must set your business in the virtual space so that it would be visible to more people. It is important that you set the face of your business in a reliable and trustworthy site or web pages to increase its relevance and value online.
  • Second, be creative and strategic in advertising it to your customers. Know when and how to pitch it into your customers. You can send emails or notes after a few days that your clients’ avail of your service or products. 
  • Make the review available on different platforms for customer’s ease and conveniences such as on Google, Yelp, or social media.
  • You may also opt to provide a kiosk inside or near your establishment so that giving reviews will be hassle-free for your customers.
  • Be honest with your customers and tell them the length of time they will be spending on doing the review. It is recommended to make sure that the review will not consume much of the customer’s valuable time.
  • Finally, this is the most important step. Always make your service at its best. A truly happy customer will not even need advertisements or encouragement to act himself/herself to review.

If your customers are delighted and satisfied with your service, you will surely gain their favor and positive reviews.

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