The Importance of Google My Business Listing for your Local Business

| February 25, 2020

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Currently, you would see potential customers looking for businesses online.  Not only that, they prefer businesses near their place for easy access.  Sometimes, they would also use the Internet to find information about a specific business and that is when Google My Business does the deal.

Accept it or not, 80% of the searches are from Google and the first businesses that pop up on GMB when you look for a local service has the most chances customers would be visiting in the next minute.  Here are some points to know the importance of GMB in increasing your local business visibility:

It has Google’s booking feature

This feature is beneficial if your business uses an appointment-based approach.  Since customers want an easy and fast communication medium, then integrating this button feature with scheduling software and GMB messaging app would surely close the deal.  No more hassle, people can book appointments right into the Google search page.

It lets you update your NAP

NAP represents your Business name, Address, and Phone Number.  You should not miss to update this information in your Google My Business listing and update them from time to time if necessary.  Google rewards positive ranking results if the details you have on your site, social pages, listing, and other sites are consistent.  This is also important especially in increasing your business’ credibility and authority.

It empowers you with reviews

Well, you already know how reviews can do positive impact to businesses.  When people look for businesses, they mostly look at it online reviews first.  The way reviews build trust and reputation are now a basis if the business is legit or not.  So, through Google My Business, you can ask your customers to leave their feedback.  Though you cannot avoid bad reviews, handling it well will not hurt your business at all.

It allows you to share photos about your business

Let visuals make all the difference for your business.  Share photos of your products, services, processes of your work, business office, or even a group photo of your customers enjoying their experience with your business.  This can do a lot in encouraging potential customers call you, visit your website, talk about your business, or avail from what you offer.

It allows you to post an update

Whether is a new-launched product or an event or just a piece of information related to your business, posting it on your GMB can help you promote your business to a wider audience.

Want to know more about how Google My Business can help you with your local business? Call us today!

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