The Best Ways to Make the Most of Your Google My Business Listing

| September 15, 2020

Optimizing Google My Business to Attract New Clients Image

If you are a business owner trying to establish your online brand or if you are only now bringing your marketing strategies online, the best tool for the job is a Google My Business listing. The platform has thousands of customers already on the list. But a good number of these entrepreneurs are still in the dark when it comes to maximizing the use of their GMB account. If you are one of them, try these helpful tips:

Update your contact information
When customers visit a Google My Business page, one of the things they look for is the contact information. If your page does not have these details or they are not updated, that is already a customer lost right there. Make sure to also include your other social media pages if you have any, so visitors of your GMB page can check out your products and services.

Add a witty description
Nothing attracts customers better than a catch description. If you are making an effort in creating witty one-liners or relatable descriptions of your products or services, you also have to do the same for your brand. This gives people an idea of what you are offering and what they can get from doing business with you. Bonus: it also improves your Google ranking.

Share photos of your products
Some customers prefer seeing the actual products instead of reading about them, so be sure to share as many photos as you could on your listing. Do not just add a few snaps of your storefront or business logo like what many Google My Business users do. Share pictures of your products, clients, and staff. Aside from improving your ranking, it also makes your business look more legitimate.

Provide space for customer reviews
We cannot emphasize this enough. Customer reviews fuel your business because it proves that your business exists and that you are fulfilling your end of the bargain with your customers. It also helps build trust between your business and other potential clients who come across your listing. Although this might take a bit of prodding on your part, it will benefit your business in the long run.

Respond to inquiries
Customers will always have questions, so make sure you are responding to inquiries on your page. An unresponsive seller appears uninterested and less serious about their brand and you do not want to come across like this to customers. Stay on top of things and people will remain interested.

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