Bob Levin

| July 3, 2020

Bob Levin CEO

As a digital marketing maestro and business consulting virtuoso, Bob Levin’s remarkable track record showcases his expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in the industry. Boasting over 14 years of experience, Bob deeply understands small business owners’ economic hurdles, enabling him to provide top-notch services at highly competitive rates.

Bob’s unrivaled marketing and advertising tactics have propelled countless small businesses to distinguish themselves from their competition. His industry authority is highlighted by Transformational Outsourcing’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the numerous 5-star ratings on Google.

Having formerly served as CEO of Clay Metal & Stone, Bob gained priceless insights into running prosperous businesses and the intricacies of outsourcing to overseas professionals. This invaluable experience has honed his ability to collaborate with diverse domestic and international teams, significantly bolstering their back-end operations.

Bob’s trustworthiness shines through his enduring client partnerships and the consistent, high-quality results delivered by Transformational Outsourcing. His reputation as a digital marketing and business consulting leader is further reinforced by his numerous affiliations, certifications, and accolades. He holds an Adwords Search Certification and proudly displays various badges on Transformational Outsourcing’s website, including the BBB Rating Badge, Google My Business Badge, Yelp Badge, and Google Reviews Badge.

Bob has pursued extensive research and training in cutting-edge digital marketing practices and is committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends. His proficiency in harnessing AI to enhance clients’ SEO rankings is particularly noteworthy. Consequently, Bob has been invited to speak and present at organizations like the Aventura Chamber of Commerce and regularly attends mediation conferences across Florida.

Acknowledging his accomplishments, Bob was awarded the prestigious Webmaster honor from The Florida Association of Professional Mediators (FAPM) at their annual conference. He has also served on the Aventura Chamber of Commerce & Community Development Board of Directors.

With concentrations in psychology and business, Bob’s academic background complements his professional expertise.

In his leisure time, Bob enjoys tennis, dancing, singing, and making precious memories with his sons and grandson.Bob’s impressive memberships, certifications, recognitions, and steadfast commitment to ongoing education and industry engagement solidify his credibility, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in digital marketing and business consulting.

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Transformational Outsourcing and it`s Social Media Marketing Team was conceptualized in 2004 when the CEO Bob Levin who was then the CEO of Clay, Metal & Stone Read More

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