Survival Marketing Guide for Businesses Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

| May 11, 2020

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Have your sales been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic? This unprecedented time can be stressful and frustrating for all, most especially for businesses. You have to think of your business operations, your reputation, your financials, and even your employees’ welfare.   Below are some tips that can hopefully help you during this critical time.  

Plan Your Marketing Strategy
It is hard to do anything if you are still feeling anxious and stressed. Before doing any actions, careful planning is needed. However, you first need to pause and analyze the situation. If you have a website or social media, check out the analytics, your reviews, and comments. See if there are new insights that can be useful for you. Then plan out and strategize your immediate next steps.

Connect with your Customers
Check your social pages or reviews sites or emails if you have messages, reviews, or comments from your customers. Respond to each of them. If you have an email marketing system, send out messages regarding the status of your business like new business hours, unavailability of products/services, temporarily closing of your business or any changes in your business operations. You can also offer discounts to your services or offer online consultations as you practice social distancing.  

Be Active on Social Media
Make sure you have an active presence on your social media pages like Facebook, Youtube, and others. If you are still open for business, grab this chance to inform your customers what they can expect from you. However, if your business is temporarily closed, you can still do so and be active on social media by providing useful content and tips that can benefit people who will see it.

Innovate and Create Special Deals.
There may be new ideas, business concepts, and products that are appropriate for this time. Try to innovate and give something new to your customers.   It is also a good time to also give out special deals to them. Your customers will surely be thankful for these. You can also run fund-raising campaigns to reach out and help those in need. They will surely remember your goodwill when this is all over.
Not because we are experiencing a global pandemic, you also need to give up on your marketing efforts. There is a lot more to do to keep your brand active.  

If you need help managing your websites or social media pages, give us a call!

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