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| June 3, 2020

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If you have previously tried SEO, then you have experienced two types of services.  One who keeps doing the normal, routine work without change (and most likely without improved results) and the second, who understands the needs of the clients and adapts by responding to monthly reporting by making changes and decisions that deliver better results.

Influencing people is not easy because folks are preoccupied with their own issues.  You have to really think out of the box considering the rule makers (Google) change their algorithms quarterly.  When it comes to outsourcing SEO services, TOI is the best because our best resource is our human resource… a skilled management team.

SEO services include, but not limited to the following:

  • Appropriate coding of the Meta data on each page
  • Appropriate use of alt tags for images
  • Appropriate use of link building
  • Appropriate use of page titles, number of characters & content specific pages
  • Appropriate useful content
  • Inclusions into similar business related directories to improve in-bound links

Great Content Geared to Your Audience

SEO starts and ends with the content of the website.  Creating “unique” content is one of the best ways to increase ranking.  Search engines “crawl” billions of web pages every month, and need to determine which sites are delivering fresh, relative content, according to the Search Engine’s expectations.  While there are varying factors that play into this, content is one of the more important elements, along with properly coded Meta tags.


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