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| May 28, 2020

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Whiteboard videos are an effective way to share a great deal of information about your business in a short time.  They are simple to understand, appealing to all types of target audiences, and gaining popularity in the internet marketing world.  If you are looking for an innovative and professional advertising tool, a whiteboard is a great solution.

Whiteboard videos offer many advantages by appealing to a wide audience.  You will be able to bring your message to a whole new audience with this tool.  They are simple to understand and allow you to communicate your main points without worrying whether a potential client will be overwhelmed.  They are brief, so there is no concern for someone losing interest too soon to be effective.

Despite their simplicity, whiteboards pack a powerful punch in the marketing industry.  A potential client watching a whiteboard video sees something elaborate and impressive, despite the format being relatively easy to create – which means your marketing budget does not take a big hit.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Includes the following:

  • Script writing with 200 words of text, to meet the necessary 90 second maximum length
  • Includes drawings inspired by your script and music
  • Professional Voice Recording and Sync
  • Create YouTube Channel
  • Upload to your YouTube Channel
  • Upload to Website (login credentials required)

The process:

  • First call: The project starts with a creative interview process to determine your goals and expectations
  • Script writing: Our professional scriptwriters develop the text, and as director, you will ensure the project’s direction
  • Storyboarding: The script translates to a storyboard, using visual elements, such as colors, illustrations and imagery

Ways to benefit from Whiteboard Animation:

Brand Integration: With the use of a graphic or colorful logo to represent your business itself, integrating your brand can be done throughout the entire video with a static placement of your graphic or image, or with constant use throughout the message.

Visually appealing:  Whiteboard animations keep your visitors interested in your message, and makes navigating your website easier once your message is summarized.

Page retention:  Retains your viewers attentions and extends visitors time on your website.

Finally, whiteboards are SEO friendly and help you expand your online marketing efforts even further.  You get a great ROI for a reasonable investment of time and money.

To learn more about how a whiteboard video can attract new clients to your business, give us a call today.


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