| June 1, 2020

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An eBook is one of the most valuable tools you can use to promote your business.  Not only does it allow you to educate potential clients about a specific issue or your services in general, it also helps you establish you as a leader in your industry.  Best of all, eBooks let you provide clients and potential clients with a tangible reminder of you and your business.
How Can an eBook Help Your Business?

Ebooks enable you to explain a particular topic to your target audience.  Educating your potential customers is an important sales tool.  Most people have a general idea what products or services they want, but they might not know why one option is better than another.  Or they might not even be aware of all their options.  Ebooks allow you to say “here are the options and this is how you know which one is right for you” in a detailed manner.Ebooks help you promote your skills and experience.  In addition to educating your audience about a topic, you are able to establish yourself as an expert and tout your own experience.  In addition to your knowledge about the eBook’s subject matter, you are also able to share your general experience with the reader.

An eBook allows your prospect or potential customer to have a “take-away” from your site, while leaving the ever-so-valuable foot print on your website.

  • Downloading the eBook gives your target market the opportunity to……
  • Download relevant information to their phone, tablet or computer for extended viewing
  • Review your relevant information, long after they have left your website
  • Contact you directly from their mobile devices because pertinent information are all “hot-links”
  • Leave their personal information to be used to contact directly, through newsletters or offer coupons
An eBooks can be 5 pages to 20 pages in length on average, but there are no limitations. For example, a 5 Page eBook will be:
  • 900-1000 words of original content
  • Images, whether they be stock or your own, to enhance readability
  • Welcome letter that introduces your business
  • Download form created for your website, your email signature or your social media account
And in addition to all the value eBooks offer individual readers, they are also a great SEO tool for increasing your website traffic.

To learn more about how an eBook can help you grow your business, contact us today.


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