SEO Metrics to Focus On the Next Time You Perform an SEO Audit

| April 21, 2020

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Doing SEO is one thing that will always be part of any business marketing plan. But no SEO is going to be as beneficial for your brand if you do not pay equal attention to an SEO audit. It is an essential part of the process that helps you determine your site’s ability to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs).

While you can personally conduct the SEO audit of your websites, some prefer having professionals do it for a more thorough review. Regardless of how you do it, though, here are key SEO metrics you should focus on so you can ace your next SEO audit:

1. Make sure your content has the appropriate keywords and SEO tags.
Keywords and SEO tags are the bread and butter of SEO. You have to make sure that your website contains the right amount of keywords and SEO tags so you have better chances of ranking in search results. An effective way to check if your website has enough is by checking if you are on par with other similar websites in terms of keyword and SEO tag density.

2. Monitor the salience of your content.
Aside from ensuring your content has the appropriate keywords and SEO tags, you also have to check their salience. Content should always be relevant, particularly for keywords that you want to rank on. This will help your page gain a higher score in Google’s new language algorithm and identify your website for better optimization.
3. Compare site size and image library with your competitors.
As a brand, there will surely be a few websites that you see as your direct competitors. If you want to gauge how much your page is performing against them, check their pages to know how much content they are churning out on a regular basis.

4. Look at your backlinks and referring domains.
Backlinks and referring domains give you an idea of how other websites value your content. But while it is great to have thousands of backlinks from other pages, you also need to keep an eye on referring domains because they are harder to manipulate.

5. Keep your site speed in check.
Site speed is one thing that has always been regarded by expert auditors as an important element for any website. You have to make sure that your site speed is fast and allows visitors to view your content in a snap for a great user experience.

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