How to Report a Review for Removal Using Google My Business’s ‘Manage Your Reviews’ Tool

| March 22, 2021

Report Review

Google just released a new feature that allows GMB users to address the removal of Google reviews, one at a time, and monitor the status of these requests.

Why is this BIG NEWS?

It shows that Google is very concerned about the malicious spread of bad reviews that are not deserved or warranted.

While this new feature is not ideal for everyone, this is still a step in how the almighty Google is addressing review removal.

To show how it works in practice and how it can apply this in your own profile, click here to learn more.

Bob Levin

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    Here is an example of a typical situation using the new GMB tool.

    In this example, a divorce attorney receives a review from his or her client’s spouse after he successfully settles a case.  This person is agitated and writes a scathing review, a feather in his or her cap because of the excellent work he or she did.

    This review not only brings their overall star rating down, but this awful review is appearing front and center in the Google Panel,


     It was potentially causing all sorts of confusion for potential clients who were referred to him or her.

    The attorney has been fighting Google on these reviews but with little avail.  But with the new Google tool at our disposal, we will maybe have a different outcome?

    Let’s go through this new process and see what, if anything, can be done differently or better.

    After logging into your Google My Business account, click this link This is what you will see (below)


    Manage Reviews

    After you select your profile and hit “continue,” – you will then see (below)

    Report Problem

    Here you will notice all reviews that are not currently being escalated for removal.


    You can click ‘Report a problem’ on any review that you feel is inappropriate. 

    Reporting Problem with Google

    Next, you will see

    Thank you page

    In our next blog, we will cover how to manage the removal status.

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