New Normal Business Website Trends You Need to Consider

| September 30, 2020

New Normal Business Website Trends You Need to Consider

As the internet continuously grows, new trends in web designing and development also arise. It is essential that we keep on improving and updating the designs and functions of our business websites to ensure its survival in the dynamic space of the internet. You can only do this if you know the significant trends and developments we have in the web development and design world. 

Mobile Compatibility
Mobile Phones are getting more and more popular even this time of crisis. It is easy to use and more convenient than any device. The mobile phone has enabled us to access the internet almost anywhere and anytime we want. 

A business website without a compatible mobile version will not thrive long in a space dominated by mobile phone users. That is why it is very important that your website is mobile-friendly as a large percentage of web clicks come from mobile phones. Currently, Google has what is called the Mobile First Index which will soon rank the desktop site of your website based on your mobile site. If you have a dynamic and responsive mobile site then you do not have to worry about it. 

User Experience: Beauty vs. Functionality
Maintaining a smoothly working website without compromising its aesthetic appeal is a must in providing the best user experience. Web design should not be overdone and your website should be easy to navigate whether on desktop or mobile.

In order to keep your website fast loading speed, you can work on resizing your images and removing or updating plugins regularly. Ensure that there are no broken links, as it may affect not only the functionality of your site but also your SEO.

Moreover, you can add short videos and high-resolution images on your website to attract more people on your website.

Utilization of Artificial Intelligence
If you have noticed nowadays, chatbots are commonly used in eCommerce spaces to guide and welcome customers but are helpful to other businesses as well. This artificial intelligence will be the customer’s guide in exploring the services or features of your website. You can set up chatbots on your business website to collect data which will be useful in providing a personalized experience for your customers.

Are you looking to improve your business website’s design and functions? Give us a call and we will set up the best business website for you!

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