Marketing Strategies Dos and Don’ts for Businesses During This Pandemic

| June 15, 2020

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More than ever, now is the time to level up your business’ online presence. Because of the quarantine, people tend to avail of products and services online, so you need to make sure that they would find your business there.

Learning the dos and don’ts in marketing your business online can help you tailor a better strategy that will increase your leads and grow your business. Here are some you should consider:

Communicate with your clients

It is time that your customers need you most. Reach out to them, acknowledge the effects of the pandemic to their lives and empathize. Assure them that they can expect the same quality service from you. In that way, they will feel that you care for them.

Create more quality content
People are now searching for answers on the internet; give it to them. Create content that addresses key questions of your customers this time; for example, information about COVID-19 such as how to protect yourself from getting the virus.

Review Your Marketing Strategy and Re-strategize
Due to the situation, your business operation might have some changes. Know how you can market your services and products differently. Since most transactions happen online, you can offer delivery options, online payment, or even virtual consultations.


Take advantage of your customers
Everyone is experiencing a tough time, so do not add to their problems. Do not charge higher than usual for your products and services. Aside from it being illegal, customers will more likely shift to your competitors and lose their trust in your business.

Decrease your marketing efforts
The coronavirus pandemic affected how businesses operate. However, it does not mean that your business cannot survive the situation. Do not stop leveraging your marketing efforts. You got plenty of time at home that you can spend on improving your marketing strategies.

Forget Your Social Media Presence
Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have made room for businesses to market their products and services. Disregarding this means ignoring marketing opportunities that might help you level up your business. Keep in mindthat being active on these platforms will help you get ahead.

Now is the perfect time to make your business standout online. Consider these dos and don’ts to make a better marketing approach amid the pandemic.

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