Making The Most Of Social Distancing By Improving Your Online Reputation

| April 28, 2020

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The COVID-19 crisis is a completely unprecedented matter for everyone. No one knows exactly how things are going to turn out and how it will affect society in the long run. But we also cannot stay still and simply wait for things to unfold, especially if you are business or practice is directly affected by the current situation.

At a time when communities are encouraged to stay at home and practice physical distancing, businesses and non-medical professions are expected to take a hit. So how can you turn things around in your favor? The answer is by making use of this time to evaluate and improve your online reputation.
Here are some ways you can make the most of social distancing to improve your image:

1. Educate yourself on the importance of having customer reviews.
Your online reputation is tied to customer reviews because they work as a basis for other potential clients in determining whether to do business with you or not. So if you were not able to gather a lot of customer reviews in the past, now would be the time to improve that.

2. Prepare to ask customers for a review when things go back to normal.
If you have a Google My Business listing, you would know that Google has temporarily turned off the tool’s function to leave new reviews, reply, or answer questions from customers. While this limitation is in place, you can think of various ways you can ask customers to leave reviews on your page once it gets lifted.

3. Draft answers to frequently asked questions.
Take this opportunity to draft answers to some of the most frequent queries from customers on your business page. Find out what they want to know and provide the answers when you can. Having a draft ready makes it easier to address their concerns once the tool becomes fully functional again.

4. Explore other ways to improve your online presence.
There are plenty of other platforms where you can make your presence felt other than Google. Take advantage of this time to create or update your social media pages so people do not forget about you while they also take a break at home. Constantly share relevant posts on your pages to remain within people’s radars.
While everything seems to be unstable at the moment, it would be great to remain optimistic that things will turn out well in the next few months.

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