Leveraging Social Media Advertising Through Coronavirus Pandemic

| May 18, 2020

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Even before this COVID-19 pandemic, social media has played a highly important role in the marketing mix. Now with the coronavirus, where people are asked to stay at home, social media has played a bigger role. As per recent studies, double-digit growth in online traffic has been seen. With more time in the hands of the consumers, they now surf more online.   Hence, this time calls for good social media strategies for digital agencies or marketers.

Plan out an Effective Marketing Campaign
Though it may be a challenge for you if you have skeletal force working on your marketing campaigns, it can still be doable. Set your objectives, targets, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Then you can be able to track and compare analytics before the pandemic.

Create a campaign that resonates with your target market. This time is a good time to try something new or different. Make a cut-through or brilliant campaign that may hinge on the current scenario but makes your brand stand out.

Ensure consistency in Messaging Across Channels
This COVID-19 time, consumers surf a lot on the internet. Given this, make sure your brand messaging is not different per channel so as not to dilute your message. There may be differences in the format or content per social media channel, but make sure that you are stricter more than ever to ensure consistency.

Focus on high-quality ads
Since Facebook also runs on the skeletal force, they rely more now on automated systems for ad approvals. Hence, it also takes a longer time. If you plan out a more frequent changing of ad content, try to lessen it. Focus more on having fewer yet quality types of ads.   Lengthen the campaign duration of ads that you find effective.

Try new ways of advertising
Check your statistics and insights. There may be new audiences coming in. If there is a new sub-segment that seems to prop up and you have not fully tapped, try targeting a campaign specifically for them. Who knows this pandemic time may have created a new audience and you may be able to broaden your business.

Try new ways of doing social media. Use Facebook live or IGTV to create and post video content. You can also create daily stories for promotions.

Maximizing the use of social media during this COVID-19 time is a must for advertisers and marketers. Do not let your brand be left behind.

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