Key Points on How to Effectively Run Your Facebook Ads

| November 26, 2019

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More and more businesses have proven that Facebook ads effectively work. Facebook offers new ad strategies and tools. Here are some tips that can help businesses use these new features at their advantage:

Try Facebook’s Power 5

Businesses and advertisers do not need to manually plan and optimize their ads now because Facebook has machine learning algorithms that will do most of this work called the Facebook’s Power 5. It is an automated ad campaign that assists advertisers to be successful on their ads.

The best part is, you can pick and use more than one placement and the algorithms will be the one to figure out what is best for your ad and cut the budget for the others.

Use Click-to-Messenger Facebook Ads

Instead of website conversions, you can use Click-to-Messenger Facebook Ads tool to make a call-to-action button on your Facebook ads leading potential customers to connect with you on Messenger. This is more interactive and has lower cost per acquisition of traffic, conversion campaigns, and more.

Go with the Dynamic Creative

This Dynamic creative tool is the most powerful tool of the Facebook Power 5. This tool uses an algorithm to test which creative works best for your ad.

Create your ad with images, videos, and catchy and descriptive captions that Facebook will match to scientifically come up with the most effective ad campaign result thus optimizing your ad performance.

Use Instagram Story Placements

Instagram continues to get highest engagement level especially when it launched Instagram story which has been recently used for advertising. Advertisers are taking advantage of this tool since it has the lowest cost per impression among Facebook ad placement and proven to be more effective since users view stories every day.

The ad for Instagram story should follow a vertical format that may include text, images, GIF, videos, and emoji to be optimized. It has a “Swipe Up” call-to-action button that can lead to certain landing page like website.

Facebook continuously adopt new technology and new strategic ad placements that help advertisers and businesses get the most out of their Facebook ads. In order to take advantage of the new features and options, you need to always be updated with the latest shifts – getting more chances to promote your brand effectively at a lower cost.

If you would like to know more about Facebook ads and how you can run them effectively, give us a call.

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