How To Successfully Manage Customer Reviews During The Pandemic

| June 22, 2020

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The pandemic has affected not only businesses but everyone’s daily lives. However, your marketing efforts should not stop there. There are several ways to survive – one is through customer reviews.

Here is how you can successfully monitor and manage your reviews:

Track your customer reviews
There are a lot of review sites that your clients can review your business. If your business is listed to any of these, ensure that you monitor your listings. See if there is a new review so you can quickly respond to them. Make sure your notifications or your Google Alerts are turned on; it will help you to easily track them.

Claim or create a business listing
You cannot track your online reviews if you did not create a business page yet. You can create and optimize a profile on Google My Business, Yelp, or Facebook. Aside from an updated profile, being active and responsive to reviews is a must.Like reviews, FAQs that need immediate answers from your business should be in your to-do-list as well.

Assign someone to monitor the reviews
It is not easy to have everything on your plate; so having someone who can help you with managing your reviews is essential. However, the one who will handle it for you should have a strong customer service attitude, professional, and has the authority to resolve issues.

Avoid posting fake reviews
Positive reviews are truly helpful in encouraging potential clients in choosing your business. Even so, posting a fake review will not help. Aside from it being unethical and illegal, it can ruin your business reputation.

Encourage positive reviews
There are ways you can do to encourage your clients to leave you a positive review. You can send them emails, stickers, or calls to ask them to leave feedback on their previous experience. Do not be discouraged if someone left a bad review, take it professionally, and resolve the issue. Use it as a way to improve your services more.

Actively monitoring and responding to your customers’ reviews build a stronger relationship between your customers and your business. It shows how you care for them and prioritize their overall satisfaction. After all, you will learn several things from people you have worked with that you can use for your business operation.

If you need help with managing your reviews online, give us a call

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