How to Create Cohesion between Your Web Design and Your SEO

| December 30, 2016

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Getting caught up in which is more important – the design of your site or your SEO – can cripple your online marketing efforts.  The key to success is figuring out how to make these two things work together, to not only drive the most traffic to your website, but to ensure those who visit are happy and willing to embark on a business relationship with your company.

There are two main factors in marketing your business online: building a solid website and driving traffic to that website.  A great site that gets plenty of traffic is what every business marketing online aims for.  If your actions do not lead to an influx of traffic that is happy when it reaches your site, you have invested poorly.

So which is more important when it comes to SEO? Being able to drive the traffic or having a site with a great design? Many people believe focusing on one means sacrificing the other, but this is all wrong.  It is possible to create cohesion between the two and make the most of your online marketing opportunity.

The key to taking the right approach here is to create a site that is user-friendly, looks great, and is optimized for conversations, but that is also SEO optimized.  The best sites can create problems with SEO and the most laser-focused approach to SEO can result in a poorly designed site.  By making both a priority, you are making sure the two work together to get you the great result.  It is a balancing act, so stop viewing one as more important than the other.  Come up with a solid SEO plan and then design the site within that plan to drive traffic to the best site you can design.

Mobile Optimization

 Another important factors is ensuring your site is designed for use on mobile devices.  The more mobile-friendly your site the better you will be able to maintain and grow your mobile search engine traffic.  This also impacts your design.  You want your site to look good and be user-friendly, no matter what device it is accessed on.   Placing a great deal of emphasis on your website’s mobile usability ensures you are not losing sales because of something you overlooked.

Bring It All Together

So where to next? You want to find ways to ensure your SEO and your design are working together and helping one another out.  Combining a great design that improves trust with authoritative content that also builds trust can get you some great results.  You will also end up with natural back links, which further boost your SEO and “real world” credibility.   Design and SEO can work together to boost your ROI.

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