How Social Media Changes This 2020

| January 31, 2020

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If your business is not yet into social media, well now is the time it should be!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the major platforms which continue to improve for the betterment of user experience.  These might battle with each other’s market shares; the good news is they are all aiming to help businesses grow.

Here are what these platforms wanted you to look forward this 2020:

Invisible Likes

We bet that you have noticed that you no longer see how many likes a post gets on Instagram unless it is your own post.  According to Instagram, this update aims to remove the pressure of the number of likes they receive, perhaps just enjoy to share the things that they love.  Some influencers and advertisers are not good at it since they aim for brand popularity.  However, for small businesses, they are fine with this especially if their goal is to grow their followers and increase engagements through the comments section.

Social Groups Are In

Well, LinkedIn aims to create more discussion between professionals and businesses by bringing back LinkedIn Group.  This would give like-minded people have the opportunity to discuss the same interests.  For businesses, they can share ideas that are specific on their products, services, or expertise.

IGTV Popularity

It is obvious how video content boom on the social world.  Instagram’s IGTV is now being noticed after the platform announced that it would allow a one-minute preview of the video on the IG feed.  For advertisers, it offers a great opportunity on their video marketing.  You can create an IGTV video that lasts up to one hour.  Though short videos are still the trend, businesses that require several minutes to promote their video are positive about this feature.

Tweets Changes

Aside from the global privacy that Twitter recently updating, it also mention features that users should look forward to 2020.  It includes the ability to disable retweets, inability to mention people without permission, tweeting a specific content to a particular hashtag or interest, and removing a user in a conversation.  It may not seem to affect promoting your business on Twitter but may be in the future.

Want to know more about the latest trend on social media? Give us a call!

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