How Businesses Cope-Up with the New Normal through Google My Business

| August 10, 2020

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With the new normal scheme, businesses have to move forward and recover from the fall as the reopen their doors again with new strategies at hand. Consumers’ behavior has changed drastically for the past months with lockdowns and restrictions left and right, thus it would be the next challenge for businesses. That is why Google My Business shift into new trends to help businesses update their consumers in this new normal setting. Here is how:

GMB foot traffic
Now that people know that businesses are reopening, they started to look at what business is finally available to offer products or services they need to avail of. With GMB, you can update all the necessary information about your business like operating hours, contact details, and other relevant information that may help people find your business on Google and drive them to your location.

Proper Safety Measures
Only businesses that comply with safety protocols are allowed to operate in this new normal. Inform your customers that you implement proper safety measures inside your shop or office by creating Google posts or posting interior images on your GMB profile. This will help your customers know what to expect and it will assure them that it is safe to visit your office.

Q&A Matters
People always search for answers on the Internet, therefore once you receive questions about your business, immediately respond to them. In that case, when people look for those the same questions, they will find your listing which increases your chance to drive more clients to your business too.

You can share FAQs in this section as well or through Google posts and create detailed answers.

Online Reviews
Encourage your consumers to leave a review on how they see your efforts in adapting to the new normal setting with the proper safety measures implemented in your business. That way, you can encourage other consumers to visit your business as they see it safe and efficient.

You can send your clients email or social media direct messages asking for honest reviews to know what you need to improve with your business as well.

There are a lot more ways to survive this new normal by making sure that you fully optimize your Google My Business profile. Be consistent with your business information across your GMB, websites, and other social media platforms.

If you would like more help with optimizing your Google My Business, give us a call!

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