Here’s How You Get Ahead on Social Media in 2020

| February 4, 2020

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As social media grow, customers use it to find products or services they need or want to avail.  Not only that, when people search for businesses, brands that have a listing on social media seem to get good impressions and rank first on Google or other search engines.

However, creating your social media pages will not make any difference if you do not act properly and impress customers.  So, here are some tips to get ahead on social media in 2020:

Engage with your followers

Customers love it when they get the right attention from brands.  It makes them feel special and connected.  So no matter how busy you are managing your business, take time to authentically interact with your followers.

Respond to their questions and praises, or simply “like” their comment or thank them.  These are also keys to growing your social media following and building meaningful relationships that might benefit your brand in the long run.

Do not ignore negative comments

It is true that even in business, you cannot please everybody and growing your brand on social media includes dealing with negative reviews; but do not be upset when you receive such comments.  Instead, respond to them politely.  Addressing their concerns will make them feel you value them which will later on drive positive results to your business pages.

Quickly respond to your customer reviews

Reviews, either good or bad, should have equal importance and you should respond to them as quickly as possible.  People engaged in social media see the platform to be always on and once they have something to tell about your brand, they expect to hear from you too.  Monitoring reviews has been so easy today with chatbots or automated messaging tools.  These can help you reply to your customers while away your computer or smartphone.  Also, you can hire someone who can respond to them if they need unique answers to their queries.  In that way, your customers will feel the same importance you put into your brand.

Limit the posts you share

While you might think posting can do wonders to your social media page, overwhelming your customers with a bunch of posts a day might not be a good idea.  If your customers’ feed was mostly about you, they will feel annoyed to your business and will eventually choose to unfollow you.  The ideal is to post 1-2 updates a day.  You can inform them about your latest product or services or share some insights or memes that are relevant to your business.

Do you want people to talk about your business on social media in 2020 and in coming years? Call us today!

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