Expand Your Visibility in Local Search through Google Posts

| November 22, 2019

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Businesses are starting to create their Google My Business page to improve their local presence on Google – and making their Google Posts is relatively helpful.

While Google My Business helps provide people with your business information like your type of business, websites, location, and more to local search and Google Maps, Google posts pitch in to better your engagement with your customers in your area that are looking for products and services like the ones you offer.

What to add to your Google Posts?

Adding Google posts can go a long way in making your business known online. Here are the four different types of content that Google Posts allow you to publish on your GMB page:

  • What’s New: You can pick it to post the latest news or blogs regarding the products and services you offer.
  • Event: If your business has an upcoming launch of an event, you can provide information about it in this section.
  • Offer: You can promote the products and services you offer in this category.
  • Product: If you have a specific product that you want to sell more or feature in a particular time, you can choose this section

Posting regularly on your Google profile can build your relationship with your existing and future customers, thus giving you a higher chance to engage them with your business. Using this Google platform gives you the opportunity to inform customers about what is happening in your business and what more your customers can expect from you.

How to make the most out of Google Posts with SEO

Google posts are easy to make and completely free to publish; that is why businesses should take advantage of trying it out. With the right combination of strategic planning and management, you can make quality content that can increase your benefit on the local search in your area.

Some key tips to keep in mind in using Google Post feature:

Always post updates. Publish regularly to interact with clients because posts are only live for only 7 days and up to 14 days for events.

Use virtual images or videos. Catch people’s attention using captivating photos or other visuals in your content. This helps to better communicate your message.

Use call-to-action in every post. Engage with your clients using call-to-actions.

Frequently posting contents on your GMB notifies Google about your business and creates brand awareness to the search engines and increase your SEO visibility which positively affects your overall ranking.

To know more about Google Posts, call us today!

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