Expand and Reach Your Customers Online During Covid-19 Quarantine

| May 29, 2020

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Covid-19 has affected many small and medium enterprises. These businesses resorted to the online and social media platforms for marketing for their business to thrive amid the pandemic. Since almost everybody is spending most of their time using the internet while in quarantine, it is a convenient time for small businesses to take advantage of the online media to promote their products and services.
You must be able to adjust to this changing trend to save your business. Moreover, using the most popular platforms will give the most benefits. Thus, knowing how to use social media platforms for marketing is essential to get maximum results for your business. Here are some marketing strategies through popular platforms, which you can utilize to reach your customers online:

Maintain and Update Your Google My Business
Google My Business is a listing for your business to appear on Google Maps and Google search results. You can promote your business by updating your category, address, contact number, operating hours, products, and services offered. You can also create GMB blog posts to creatively present your business without sounding too salesy. Your posts can talk about something that can help your customers like tips and after-sales accessories and services. During this pandemic, GMB posts that tackle issues on Covid-19, or how you can prevent it from spreading are beneficial.

Use Social Media for Wider Reach
Use Facebook Live to share relevant information, advice, or to answer questions about Covid-19. This way, you can promote your product or service and help your audience at the same time. Or if you have a story to tell, you can do it through Instagram. Use captivating photos and appropriate hashtags to reinforce what you have to share. You can use these platforms to echo what you have to say and share during this pandemic in a more conversational tone.  

Make the Most out of Positive Online Reviews 
Using actual positive and valuable quotes and feedbacks from your customers will be a good idea to attract more audiences’ attention. This way, not only are you able to deliver your message to your customers, but you also expand your visibility online. Kind words and engaging photos can make people feel better upon visiting your website or account.

Offer Giveaways, Promotions, and Discounts
You can also use social media for promotion and giveaways, like gift cards and discounts, which can be a little help for customers who needs it this crisis. You can also use these platforms to help other small businesses like you by sharing their posts. Not only are you reaching and connecting to new possible audiences, you can support other businesses who are also suffering like you during this time.

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