Engaging More Customers through Sending Photos in Google My Business Messaging App

| November 19, 2019

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Google My Business is releasing a messaging app new feature where businesses can also send photos other than text messages to their customers to make their conversations more engaging. Here are a few tips on how to use this feature to your business advantage:

Notify your customers about your new products or services

Sending great captured photos of your newly offered products or/and services to your customers are good strategy in attracting them to make a purchase. They will be more likely to visit your shop or office if you can give them evidence of more than what you say.

Tell them about your recent accomplishments

Make advantage of your recent successful projects or events your business has been doing. For instance, if you just launch a new branch of your shop or a satisfied customer take a photo of him with your products, you can send them to your customers to prove that you are doing great and thus giving them the idea to also try your products or services.

Screenshots of Customers’ Testimonials

Latest reviews of your products and services from real customers can do magic to your business. You can screenshot your reviews from your Google listing or other business profiles like Yelp or Facebook to show your customers through the app. Most of the time, they will realize that they need the things you offer which opens to higher chance of being your customer.

Truly, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. People often rely on the real photos of proofs of products and services that businesses offer before purchasing. This Google My Business messaging app feature can boost businesses strategy in engaging more customers and leads.

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