Does Your Business Go After the Latest SEO Trends?

| January 9, 2020

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Most potential customers find physical businesses near them.  Since the world goes mobile, people tend to look for businesses online.  That is how local SEO works.

To say that everything you do for your business is on the right track, you need to make sure that customers or clients choose your business rather than your competitors’.  Here are the things you should know to benefit from local SEO:

Impress Google

Google is obviously dominating local SEO.  With Google Maps and Google My Business, customers can now easily navigate and find local businesses.  So to jump in, you should create an updated and accurate listing with Google My Business.  Put exact location, photos, and other information about your business such as business hours, phone number, and business description.

Google creates Knowledge Panels that sum up businesses, people and organization.  The more you provide Google your business information, the more chances you will be featured on local searches.

Voice Search is the Trend

Yes, right.  Voice assistants will definitely influence how people make their online search in the future.  They are more convenient and easier than using your keyboard.  Being said that, voice search also affects local SEO so make sure that your business has optimized content that is conversational in nature.  Google also uses this for voice search so consider creating a list of featured snippets like FAQs.

Reviews Speak For Your Business

Today, online reviews are what potential customers look at when they look for certain businesses.  They are very important in shaping the choices of people when it comes to availing products and services.  With the growth of local SEO, Google shows a business’ online reviews whenever people search for it or it matches the keyword which makes them even more essential.  You can politely ask for online reviews from your past satisfied customers through emails or stickers, but do not go against review sites’ terms or service by getting fake reviews.

Do Not Forget Your Local Keywords

Well, in order for you to optimize your online content, keep in mind to choose the right keywords for your type of business.  Put local landmarks and other keywords related to your city or town or neighborhood.  These keywords are great help to meet the needs of local searches.  As much as Google recognizes your businesses on voice searches, the more opportunities potential customers will find you.

Want to know more information on how to take advantage of the local search trends? Give us a call!

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