Do not Let Negative Reviews Keep You Down – Know How to Respond to Them

| June 9, 2020

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You probably recognize the importance of strong reviews for your business. However, at some point as hard as you try, you may still find yourself on the receiving end of a negative review. After all, people are more likely to report their negative experiences online than their positive ones. Knowing how to respond to these reviews can help you keep the problem in perspective and actually spin it to your advantage. These strategies can help you come out ahead of a bad review.

Assess the Situation

You might think that the best thing to do with a negative review is simply to ignore it. However, this step can affirm the assertions in the review when there is no counterargument to it. A 2018 survey by ReviewTrackers found that 63% of survey respondents said they were disappointed when a business did not respond to a negative review. However, responding badly can be even worse than not responding at all. Take a moment to decompress from the situation instead of retorting with negativity. Try to determine where the problem lies. Investigate whether it is real or fake. If the review is fake, you can report it to the review site. Try to uncover as much information about the source of the bad review before responding to it.

Try to Make It Right

An effective strategy with negative reviews is to try to fix the underlying problem. Dissatisfied customers who post negative reviews are often looking for someone to listen to and respond to their problem. Give each customer the respect they deserve. You may ask them to contact you offline so that you can try to fix the problem. Responding in a public manner in this fashion can show your commitment to customer service and will help prevent the public tarnishing of your reputation.

Incorporate Feedback

Positive reviews are great because they show your customers are satisfied. However, you can also benefit from negative reviews. They give you an opportunity to examine some problems that may have cropped up and correct them before they become even bigger problems. Use negative reviews to improve your business. Negative reviews can be a great way to make you aware of issues from the customer’s perspective.

Monitor Reviews

Learn from this experience by staying on top of your reviews. Respond quickly and with respect, and you will likely leave a good impression for new customers.

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