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Report Review

How to Report a Review for Removal Using Google My Business’s ‘Manage Your Reviews’ Tool

| March 22, 2021

Google just released a new feature that allows GMB users to address the removal of Google reviews, one at a time, and...

Google My Business adds

Google My Business adds messaging to desktop

| February 15, 2021

Great News! You soon will be able to message your clients through your desktop or laptop, adding more flexibility Soon...

Free Messaging Service

Google My Business Offers Free Messaging Service

| February 12, 2021

It is no secret-People prefer texting rather than phoning.  It is faster and certainly more convenient.  In...

GMB Reviews

Google My Business adds exciting new features to flag inappropriate reviews

| January 28, 2021

These new features have more detail to flag reviews compared to the old method All companies using Google My Business...

Optimizing Google My Business to Attract New Clients Image

The Best Ways to Make the Most of Your Google My Business Listing

| September 15, 2020

If you are a business owner trying to establish your online brand or if you are only now bringing your marketing strategies...

Google My Business Tips Blog Image

How Businesses Cope-Up with the New Normal through Google My Business

| August 10, 2020

With the new normal scheme, businesses have to move forward and recover from the fall as the reopen their doors again with...

Art Exhibit Blog Banner Image

Tips on How to Handle Your Google My Business Profile During COVID-19 Pandemic

| June 19, 2020

It is not surprising that businesses have been affected because of the sudden pandemic situation. It has caused a lot of...

Google My Business Blog Image

Google My Business: The Cost-Efficient Way to Grow Your Business

| April 21, 2020

Google My Business can be a very helpful tool for business owners if they know how to capitalize on it. It has great...

5 Google Tools Blog Image

5 Google Tools You Should Consider Using for Your Business in 2020 

| March 10, 2020

Google continues to be the most popular search engine with tons of tools to help businesses grow their marketing strategy...

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