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Transformational Outsourcing and it`s Social Media Marketing Team was conceptualized in 2004 when the CEO Bob Levin who was then the CEO of Clay, Metal & Stone was on one of his extensive travels overseas, and he noticed a migration of back offices from the United States to the Philippines. After careful investigation, he decided to establish an overseas office for Clay Metal & Stone and after training, the office grew to 10 people which were accounting, order entry, inventory, quality control, graphic designers and product designers. The company then had its 24/7 operation and they were able to achieve and process business more efficiently resulting in their sales increasing to $6 million aside from having over 70 independent sales representatives with 5000 different customers. With this result, Bob started to think of introducing the same idea to the west and put up an online marketing firm in the Philippines.


In 2008, Transformational Outsourcing began to be operational and had its first client which happened to be a credit card counseling company that encounters a huge amount of data each day. As a result, TOI has saved the company an outstanding $75 Million in their first year!

TOI is an online marketing firm that helps businesses grow their online reputation. Building on that first success, TOI expanded to work with law firms, health companies, technology businesses, and more. Today, we help businesses build their online brand with website content, blogs, email newsletters, videos, social media… Just about anything that can help you establish credibility and get people talking about your business online. Our goal is to continue that growth and continue reaching out to companies that want to make an impact on their target audience online.


Bob Levin CEO

Bob Levin spent his 17 years in the home furnishing industry as CEO of Clay Metal & Stone designing and importing home accessories from many countries and distributing them to furniture stores, gift stores, catalogs and interior designers. This experience gave Bob the knowledge on how to operate a long-term and successful business.This experience also gave Bob the knowledge in outsourcing business functions to overseas workers. After leaving Clay Metal & Stone, Bob has set out to assist other business owners in their entrepreneurial ventures. He has extensive experience in bridging the online marketing world. As a successful entrepreneur, he saw the vision of the business landscape to come. Now, Bob has made his mark in the online marketing industry and he continues to excel at working with different people in the US and abroad giving a huge contribution to their back end operations.


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Transformational Outsourcing and it`s Social Media Marketing Team was conceptualized in 2004 when the CEO Bob Levin who was then the CEO of Clay, Metal & Stone Read More

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