5 Ways to Stay Your Business Ahead on Social Media Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

| June 29, 2020

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People are now active online more than usual due to quarantine protocols that prohibited people from leaving their homes. That is why it is a perfect time to stay connected with your existing and potential clients on social media.

Here are some ways you can do to get ahead on your social media marketing:

Share relevant information
You can use social media to post what your business is doing during the pandemic. Assure your followers that you are doing everything to make them safe when they visit your business. You can also share helpful tips to prevent them from acquiring the virus. In this way, you can initiate conversations and make potential clients engaged.

Respond to reviews
Facebook and LinkedIn have their review or recommendation section where people can leave their feedback on your business. If you received reviews from your clients, whether good or bad, you must hit them a reply. Be kind, calm, and professional.

Engage yourself in the conversation
Turn on your commenting section on your every post so people can share their thoughts on what you have to say. Speak your side when you initiate a conversation. This can make your followers feel that you address everyone’s concerns and that you care for what they have to say.

Share images content and videos
Might it be an infomercial or an FAQ video, it is important to share it on your social media. Visuals are more likely to go viral and if they have the information people are looking for, then more people will talk about it. Regularly sharing updates through graphics will make people remember your brand when they need to avail of something like you offer.

Stay connected
Social media platforms have messaging apps that you use to stay connected with your followers. Always respond to your messages. If you have special offers or free virtual consultations, let them know by sending those messages with stickers or GIFs, or sharing daily stories. The key is to make yourself available when someone needs your help with your business.

When you are active on your social media pages, more people will know your brand. It will make you an authority in your business niche. Regular posting and interactions with customers build stronger relationships between both of you, thus leading you to have a good online reputation.

If you need help with your social media marketing, contact us today!

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