5 Ways to Connect with your Clients Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

| April 7, 2020

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It is no secret that the COVID-19 crisis is causing a lot of changes in everyone’s lives these days. Cities and states are ordering physical distancing and encouraging people to stay and work from home. How this new kind of setup will affect the legal landscape remains to be unseen. But here are helpful ways lawyers can make themselves available to potential clients:

1. Keep your communication lines open.
At a time when people are at home most of the time, it is imperative that you keep your communication lines open. If you have to, share your home phone or mobile numbers so it will be easier for clients to contact you.

You can also conduct virtual consultations. Take advantage of technology and use video conferencing tools to talk to clients who could be in need of legal assistance.

2. Publish timely and relevant content.
Another way to make the most of the situation is by utilizing your website. Come up with timely and relevant blogs to help you maintain an online presence. Modify the content according to your expertise or answer questions from potential clients. Knowing that there is an expert that they can reach out to provide a sense of security.

3. Post regular updates on social media.
Now is also a good time to post regular updates on your social media pages. Remember that more people are online than usual, so any communication on various platforms will reach more people. You can provide updates to clients or share the current status of your team members. Anything that would keep you connected will be helpful.

4. Take advantage of lower PPC costs.
Cost-per-click rates have significantly gone down since shelter-in-place was ordered. If your company has the means to, take advantage of the lower costs by keeping your Google Ads running. This is a great way to maintain your online presence and remind people that your services are still very much available.

5. Update your Google My Business info.
Make sure that changes to your business info are cascaded. Let people know if your hours have changed or if you will be using new contact numbers in the coming months. Keep in mind that GMB review features are on hold, so you might want to channel your marketing efforts through a different avenue.

Legal aid should not take a backseat even during a crisis and it would be of great help if professionals can make themselves available. To know more about ways to connect to your clients, give us a call!

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