5 Secrets You Need to Know to Beat SEO Competitors in 2020

| February 11, 2020

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Ranking your business on search engines is not an easy process especially when your competitors have knowledge of how they will run their SEO effectively.  So, if you want to outrank them: you need to produce high-quality content, have an effective content distribution plan, and optimize your site.

Here are the 5 secrets you need to master to excel in your SEO strategy this 2020 and beat your competition:

Create Search-Intent Oriented Content 

To be on top of millions of sites promoting their content is not that easy but there is a way.  With thousands of content reviewed by Google per second, the major thing Google looks for is if the content is the most useful for users.  So, what you need to do is focus on what you are exactly wanted to offer your customers or clients.  Is it your products or services? Do you want to inform or entertain? If you figure it out, then search for the right keywords for your topic then proceed to creating great content.

Keywords research and optimization

As well as your content, your keywords should also be tailored to user’s search intent.  Well to find such keywords, you need to be started with some ideas you have in mind.  If you have integrated your site with Google Search Console, you can also check the keywords it suggests that it found working well with your site.  One more thing is to get ideas with the keywords your competitors are using.  When you have established your list of keywords, start optimizing it on your site – on your URL, titles, Meta data, images filenames, headings and other text.

Search for your competitors

One way to get ahead of your competitors is to know who your competitors are.  View their metrics; visit their site to see how they promote their products or services by their content.  Aside from content and keywords, look for their backlinks too.  Most likely, you would come up with an SEO strategy plan for your business’ site.

Optimize your page speed

Good content and keywords do not matter if your page takes too long to load.  It will affect your SEO by waving away users and look for another business.  So, start by merging elements or using few elements, compressing images, and leveraging browser caching.

Run an SEO Audit

Always monitor your site and make sure it is free from errors.  From time to time, check for broken links, missing Meta tags, schema markup errors, broken redirect and other issues, then fix them.

Would you like 2020 to be your biggest year for your SEO success? Call us today!

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