5 DOs and DON’Ts in Getting Your Google My Business Listing Stand Out

| March 4, 2020

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Many businesses considered listing their business on Google My Business because of its proven benefits when it comes to local SEO. It only means that competition is getting higher and you need ways to stand out. Here are what you should and should not do on your GMB listing:

Adding Information


It is important that you only list updated and real information about your business. Make sure that everything is consistent from your website to your GMB. Verify your listing and optimize your title with your main keyword.


Listing fake location and other information about your business is a big NO. You might mislead your clients and lose their trust in you. Also, though keywords are good, stuffing your GMB with it is not good. It can ruin your overall ranking on search engines.

Google Reviews and Q&A


Always monitor your reviews on Google. Encourage your satisfied clients to leave you a review and respond to them as well as to queries sent to your listing. Provide a nice approach even to negative reviews and do everything to make things right if ever your client has had a bad experience with you.


You cannot make everyone happy after purchasing your service. If you receive a bad review, handle the situation professionally. Do not ignore your clients nor argue with them. Address their concern and offer them anything that can solve the issue. But as much as you want positive feedback, do not buy fake reviews or else you will be banned by Google.

Sharing Photos and Videos


Add photos or videos of your team, office, products or events that are related to your business. Google My Business has a section for these categories that you should fill in. Clients will most likely trust a business with genuine people and a physical office these days, so keep in trend. You can also ask your clients to share their photos on your listing if they have taken some.


Nice photos can drive more traffic and sales to your business. However, adding fake photos and videos is not good at all. Also, do not post a photo of your clients without their approval. Only put photos that are yours and you have the permission to share.

If you need to know more about optimizing your GMB profile, give us a call!

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