4 Ways To Keep Your Business Stay Afloat During a Pandemic

| May 15, 2020

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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many businesses, both big and small. Many shops and stores have been closed to avoid the spread of the virus. In line with that, most companies resorted to online transactions for them to survive during the pandemic.

Entrepreneurs are starting to adjust and embrace this new “normal” in the business world to keep them afloat. However, market challenges and malicious threats continue to pose risks for online businesses. These threats can be curtailed if appropriately handled. Equip yourself with the following strategies to be able to survive in the fast-changing online market.

Maintain Your Online Presence
Even if your store is closed, it does not mean that your regular customers cannot see or hear anything from you anymore. Use the internet and social media to your advantage by maintaining open communication with your current and potential clients. Update your website and online business profiles.

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile
Because of the Covid-19, there are some new features on GMB. You need to make sure that your business information like business hours, description, services offered are all updated. Respond to customer’s reviews and FAQs as well so clients will know you are active and ready to address their concerns. Use Google Posts to inform your clients about the availability of your products and services or current deals or promotions you may have.

Increase Web Security Measures
Now that online transactions will be your mode of business, preventing hackers from sabotaging your website is of utmost importance. You must protect your business and your clients from cybercriminals who are sending phishing emails to get personal and financial information. Always remind clients how your online business works and that you will never ask for any of this personal information in transacting with them.

Get Ready to Work from Home
Working remotely from your home is the new arrangement of businesses. Meetings, transactions, and communications are being done online using applications. Thus, make sure that you and your staff have the proper equipment and are capable of using these technologies. Prepare your homes to be your new business office and ensure that you have a data security plan in place.

Reach Out and Offer Help 
Although physical contact is becoming less, it does not mean that your connection to your community shall also diminish. Take this opportunity to give back to your customers, staff, and the public by extending help in any way you can.

If you need help in managing your online reviews and GMB profiles, give us a call!

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