4 TipsTo Consider in MonitoringYour Online Presence Amid Covid 19

| May 25, 2020

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This pandemic time can be stressful and frustrating for all, most especially for business owners like you. You have to think of your business operations, your reputation, your financials, and even your employees’ welfare.   

But on top of these, it is equally important to keep your customers happy during this time. Connecting with your customers is critical. Make time to monitor what your customers are saying about you online. Safeguard your reputation and your business, most especially during this pandemic.  

Be extra vigilant in monitoring.
Regularly check if you receive emails from your websites and answer them as soon as you can. Monitor your social media channels as well. This can help you know what people talk about your business online. If there are customers or potential customers that have concerns or questions regarding your products/services, promptly respond to them. Address their concerns and say thank you if they have been satisfied by your business. That can mean a lot to your followers.

Be empathetic.
If you can connect with your customers now in the most empathetic manner, they will appreciate your brand more. You can use an email marketing system so you can send out email blasts to your clients regarding your business status or any updates concerning the Covid-19 pandemic that is related to your brand.

Have a list of Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs).
You may have had changes in your business hours, operations, and manpower, during this COVID-19 time. Be transparent about changes that have an impact on the way you do business with your customers.

Prepare a list of FAQs that cover your precautionary measures, hotline to call for immediate concerns, changes in your operating hours, re-scheduling and cancellation policies, refunds, etc.  
With a ready list of FAQs in the spirit of transparency, you will lessen the chances of your customer complaining about your brand. You can turn the situation into something positive if you can explain fully the situation and guide your customers in transacting with you.

Utilize Various Communication Channels to Reach your Customers.
Aside from posting updates on social media, you can also offer online consultations to your customers. You can go Livestream to answer your customers’ concerns about your products or services. Create content that is beneficial at the moment like safety measures in preventing the spread of the virus. Continue to be top-of-mind and use this time to make your customers feel you value them.

If you need help with monitoring your presence online during the pandemic, give us a call!

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