3 Reasons You Should List Your Business with Apple Maps

| August 29, 2018

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Nowadays, there are plenty of ways people can find your business, but one of the most popular is using a map app. Apple Maps is one of the most comprehensive options and if you own a business you need to be sure that people can find you on their Apple Map app.

What are three of the most important reasons you need to list your business with Apple Maps?

  1. Apple Maps is essential because it is one of the biggest mobile user bases in existence.

Your business needs to be listed correctly on Apple Maps, so when someone searches visually or asks Siri about their location and the need for your products or services, your business is the first to appear as an option.

  1. Apple Maps is essential because your business will appear regardless what you do.

The app is so comprehensive it knows you are out there – but that does not mean it is going to give people complete or even correct information about your business. That is up to you to do.

Automatically created Apple Map listings need to be managed and enhanced the best information. Let people know where you are and what you offer. The more detailed your listing the better.

  1. Simple Is not Always Better

Speaking of details, they are essential in your Apple Map listing. According to Yext, rich listing data made a huge difference in whether or not a user chose a business. Simple listing information – name, address, contact info – just was not enough to push that final step of engagement.

Take time to include extra information – create a rich listing – that includes added details and special offers, as well as pictures and website link. Doing so builds trust and makes your listing more appealing to searchers.

Want more tips for using Apple Maps? Let us know!

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