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Powerful and Highly Effective Tips for Social Media Marketers

free_3d_social_icons_set_by_pixeden-d45nq64Now that your business has managed to get exposure in the market and industry, it’s time for you to start working on your social media marketing skills.  Without the proper usage of a variety of social media platforms, your brand and business will not be able to withstand the competition in the market and may even fail despite the effort you put in when you started.

Even though there are thousands of tips, tricks and techniques for usingeach social media platform effectively, the following lines are focused on the most popular for social media marketers: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter


Keep it Short and Sweet:  According to recent stats, it has been found out that on average, 80% of the videos that are being watched on YouTube are 30secs-2min long.  Therefore, it is suggested that if you are creating a video for your products or services, you must make it short and provide information that is specific and to the point.


Answer Your Customers’ Queries:  Facebook offers one of the greatest opportunities for businesses to make their mark on the industry.  In fact, 80% of users state that they prefer connecting with their brand through Facebook.  Unfortunately, not a lot of businesses are benefiting from this platform.  This is evident as polls show that only 50% of customers expect their questions to be answered on Facebook.

If you don’t want to be one of the businesses that waste this precious resource, you should make it a point to set up alerts for certain keywords on Facebook.  Doing so will help you in interacting with your customers because once a keyword appears on your page, you will be notified to take action accordingly.

Post Content Regularly:  One of the top ways to attract and keep your customers on your Facebook fan page is to post a variety of content or links to the content that is present on your website.  This is will not only keepusers interested, but will also help you drive traffic to your website.


Respond Quickly:  If you were to define Twitter in two to three words, the best would be “short and quick”.  Therefore, when your customers or fans post a question to you on Twitter, they expect you to answer quickly and precisely.  So, the next time a question comes in, be sure to respond to it quickly, preferably in 5min.

Use these social media marketing tips right away and watch how quickly the number ofyour fans and followers increase on your social media pages.

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Social Media Benefits Seen by Marketers in 2013

Computer keyboard with social media keysEverybody is talking about how social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have changed the entire marketing scenario. You will find thousands, if not millions,of blogs that tell you all about the benefits of social media. However, the one thing that most of these blogs lack is hard evidence in the form of numbers.

As the owner of a company, you must be looking for numbers and statistics that tell you exactly how and to what degree you can benefit from social media and what it has to offer. So, here are some of the statistics that have been gathered with regards to social media and its benefits in 2013.

  • 89% of surveyed marketers said that they have generated more exposure because of the time and effort that they put into their social media pages.
  • More than 75% say that social media has helped them in increasing positive and productive traffic on their website.
  • 65% of internet marketers are using the huge platform to develop loyal fans and 69% are doing it to gain marketplace intelligence.
  • A large percentage of marketers claim that even though it takes a lot of time to develop relationships that lead to sales, social media have given them great and lasting results.
  • Marketers who have been using social media platforms for more than three years say that it has helped them considerably in improving sales.
  • More than 92% marketers who spend six or more hours on their social media profiles per week say that the platform has helped them increase exposure for their business.
  • More than half of the 92% who spend more than six hours are also able to build new partnerships. This relation was found to be a lot stronger in B2B companies as compared to B2C companies.
  • More than half of the marketers who used social marketing for at least a year stated that new partnerships were gained.
  • Almost half of those that spend 6 hours or more per week on social media were seen to benefit from it because of their reduced marketing expenses.
  • 62% social marketers have reported improved search engine rankings. Most of these marketers have been using social media for a minimum of two years.
  • Increased traffic was the second major benefit of social media marketing, a fact ascertained by 75% of surveyed marketers.

Now that you have the facts right before you, you can’t afford to not use social media. So, start right away.


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Simple Yet Effective Tips for Facebook Marketing

BRUSSELS- MARCH 13:  Facebook Announces Mobile DevCons In NYC, LFacebook marketing is no longer an aspect that business marketers can choose to ignore, especially since this strategy is a ‘must-have’ in the world of technology and web enhancements. Facebook marketing is important and crucial to a company’s growth regardless of its size because it has the power to help it grow beyond expectations. After all, there are 1.11 billion people, of which a few millions will make use of your products or services.

If you have been depending on internet marketing lately and are thinking of adding Facebook as a marketing channel, here are some tips that can help you decide if Facebook marketing is right for you.

Know Your Objectives

Before you even start to consider shifting your brand and company marketing techniques to Facebook, you need to make sure that you know what your business goals are. Many professional experts who jump on the social media bandwagon without setting goals eventually regret their decision because they have no idea as to what it is they need to do. So, whether you want your Facebook marketing strategy to focus on your target audience and how you connect with them, or if you need it to promote brand awareness, remember to always know what you want to accomplish beforehand.

Know Your Audience

The other important aspect that you shouldn’t miss in your Facebook marketing is your target audience. In the past, several small and large businesses started a posting rampage without thinking about their audience, which is why their Facebook pages failed in their purpose. So, always ensure that the things you post are relevant and beneficial to your audience or else they’ll shift their interest somewhere else.

Set Your Layout and Profile

bigstock-brilliant-slider-situated-on-t-29352515One of the most important yet neglected factors of successful social media business pages is completing the business’ profile and applying a cover picture that follows the same theme as your website. If you have more than one page on Facebook, it is best to keep the theme and color consistent throughout. This will help people recognize you, making it easier for them to find and connect with you. Besides, it will prevent them from interacting with fake pages that may have been created by your competitor. Therefore, your business and contacts will be safe.

Engage Your Audience

The worst action you could take while marketing via Facebook is to create your page only to ignore it after a while. Leaving your page out to dry for a long time will bring you no new fans or followers. This will have a negative effect on your brand and company. Besides, your most loyal fans will feel cheated since you couldn’t even manage a Facebook page and may decide to take their business elsewhere. This is why, depending on your target audience, it is imperative that you keep your audience engaged with interesting and intriguing updates. You can mix your promotional messages with different customized memes and posts that can show your dedication to staying in touch.

As you can see, Facebook marketing isn’t a one-time job. Therefore, be ready to dedicate your time to this process or have a professional take this task off your hands.

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Importance of Customer Reviews and Testimonials


The way companies market their products and services have changed dramatically in the last few years. Nowadays, you can expect more than 80% of companies to talk about and market their products through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, another way these worldwide organizations sell their products is through customer reviews and testimonials.

You may have depended on reviews posted on the internet before purchasing a gadget or hiring a service provider. However, what drives you and other consumers to check testimonials and reviews before buying anything?

To answer this simple question, you have to know that customer reviews and testimonials are preferred by buyers because they are free of bias. Reviewers bought the product and have interacted with the company and so they will best be able to guide your customers as they have had first-hand experience. These customer reviews are written by people who are exactly like your prospective buyers and so they will be written in simple, understandable words that can be trusted.

As a business owner or marketer, you now understand the importance of customer reviews and testimonials. Therefore, it’s about time that you too start benefiting from them. Remember that if your company or products don’t have reviews or testimonials, they will have a far less chance of getting discovered.

Now, if you are somewhat too new to the area and don’t know how to get customers to write reviews, remember the following three tips to start quickly.

  1. The best way for you to get customers to write reviews is to ask them to do it. If you are confident about the products and services that your company offers, then there is nothing wrong in asking for testimonials. Remember that even though your customers may love your product, they might just be a little shy and need a push forward.
  2. You can ask bloggers with high ranking blogs to review your products. Simply send them a few samples of your products or offer them a few of your services so that they can recommend you to their readers.
  3. The world is moving at a fast pace and so people these days prefer watching videos over reading content. If you think you have the resources, ask a few approachable customers to make testimonial videos. These videos have a higher chance of being discovered and will surely have an effect on people.

So, if you haven’t started asking customers to write testimonials and reviews for your business, don’t waste any more time or else your offerings won’t get the exposure they deserve.


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LinkedIn: The Effective Social Media Marketing Bridge to China

China isn’t a market small business usually look to penetrate, but some small businesses, medium-sized businesses and larger businesses do want to market to China.  Social media, at first glance, seems like a great way to go about this.  However, in China, Facebook and Twitter are banned.  This means that the normal means of social media marketing are not open to businesses to pursue.  Does that mean that digital media marketing in China is impossible? Certainly not – after all, China has over 100 million social media sites, serving a variety of uses, most of which are accessed through mobile networks.  The key is how to penetrate this market – and an unlikely ally is to be found in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has an estimated 2 million English-language Chinese users – although the actual number is estimated to be much higher due to Chinese businesses registering their accounts overseas.  This means that there is a bridge that can be used for Americans and Chinese business professionals to interact with each other through social media.  It’s a different form of digital media marketing, but it is still social media marketing nonetheless.  This allows you to forge connections and gain access to partnerships with the Chinese through social media.

A LinkedIn social media marketing strategy involves a lot of the same things that Facebook does – you have to create your business profile, make it interesting, and post regular content.  The only real difference is in the level of professionalism you need to demonstrate in your postings.  A successful LinkedIn profile is interesting, informative and innovative.  Make your page stand out.  Post photos, post information.  Sponsoring a local charity?  Spread it all over LinkedIn.  Having a special?  Post it on LinkedIn.

Don’t forget to interact on other’s pages, as well.  See a business or an individual you want to be connected to?  Post or message them about something they’ve posted recently.  Relate to their content and they’ll relate to yours.  Your LinkedIn social media marketing strategy should revolve highly around the content of others, as well as your own.

Utilizing the features of the site to its fullest potential will enable you to attract more business contacts, and make you seem more professional while doing so.  Think of LinkedIn as “Facebook for Businesses”.  Utilize it as much as you would your Facebook account and profile.  After all, business contacts are important and it’s important to give them a professional and groomed appearance, especially if they’re contacts that you will first meet online.  Digital media marketing isn’t limited to consumers, after all – it’s applicable for businesses as well.  Effective social media marketing is possible for business to business relationships – even if the other party lives in China.

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Essential Tips For A Successful Facebook Social Media Marketing

When you create a Facebook account for your business, you’re establishing your identity online.  With over 1.06 billion users, Facebook is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s important that the impression you give on Facebook is both accurate and flattering.  Describe yourself and your business in an interesting way – such as mentioning anything out of the ordinary about yourself – and choose a relevant, flattering, and interesting profile picture.  You want to give a good impression.  Come up with a nifty catch-phrase you can use to describe yourself.  Facebook social media marketing involves making yourself stand out from the crowd.

Once you’ve created your page, begin adding friends – careful not to add more than 25-30 a day or Facebook will ban you – and begin spreading the word.  Your fan page and your main page should be updated regularly with content that will intrigue your fans and catch their interest.  Keep it clean, keep it relevant – although once in a while something random is fine, and it gives a break from the norm.  You don’t want your content to be all over the place, and you do want your content to be relevant to the reason people liked your page in the first place – your business.  If you’re in the wine business, news and events about wine are fine things to post.  If you’re in the moving business, advice columns and did-you-know fact sheets are handy.  In Facebook social media marketing, always try to relate whatever interesting content you come up with to your business.

Finally, advertise.  Facebook ads target users by their interests, the things they like and the activities they enjoy.  They can even target locations.  If you own a bicycle shop in South Florida, Facebook will target your ads to cyclists and outdoors enthusiasts in South Florida.  Facebook does all the difficult legwork for you in bringing your ads directly to the customers you’re looking for.  Facebook social media marketing is, in this sense, the easiest way to market.  Create an ad that will catch and hold the potential customer’s attention, and promote it with all you’ve got.  Facebook will do the rest.

Interact with your fans and friends.  On Facebook, interaction is key.  If you want to hold people’s interest, stay fresh in their minds, and ahead of your competitors, you need to interact well.  Contests, events, groups, and polls allow your fans and friends to interact with you and engage in your content.  Focus on your target market, and participate in other Facebook pages relevant to your industry.  Utilizing Facebook plugins makes your page more interactive, and customers will appreciate that.  Outsource social media marketing if you have to, but make sure you market yourself well.  After all, Facebook is the future of effective social media marketing.

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Tweeting and Hashtags – A Combined Effort

Image courtesy of linkedmediagrp at flickr.com
Image courtesy of linkedmediagrp at flickr.com

If you’re taking the route to adopt social media into your marketing plan, then why not make sure you explore all of the options.  Most companies do have a Facebook page, but some seem to neglect the reward that Twitter can generate for your business, especially if done correctly.

These days, it’s not enough to simply ‘tweet’ a message, you need to be able to understand and utilize hashtags.  Here are a few ways to help your small business by using hashtags correctly.

Search For Business-Specific Posts

Seek out specific hashtags of things that correlate for you and your business.  A few examples would be #smallbusiness or #SMB.  These hashtags will most likely lead you to posts that you and your business might be interested in reading.  It’s also possible to narrow down your searches and search for hashtags such as #marketing or #finance.  These will give you more direct results if you have a specific thing in mind.

Be Precise

A perfect amount of hashtags for a post is usually between 1-2.  Littering your post with hashtags only makes you look indecisive, and your post look cluttered.  Additionally, do not have too lengthy of hashtags, that pretty much guarantees that your post will not be sought out if searched, and that it will not trend.  Be creative!

Be Creative

Many businesses have found success with creating creative hashtags that are creative and fun.  Domino’s had many of their followers tweet #letsdolunch.  After 85,000 people tweeted that their prices dropped by nearly half during their lunch hour.  Thinking of creative ideas such as that is an excellent example of how Twitter can really aid a business that is trying to grow.

Be Organized

By using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck you can assign accessible columns.  This is a great way to keep you on top of what’s going on, and to be organized with both your hashtags and the one’s you’re interested in.

Follow Friday!

Follow Friday is a great way to be trendy in the Twitter world.  It’s best to support only 1-2 people per week using the #ff hashtag, although there are others that go all out and have a small list of people to follow.

You cannot successfully use Twitter as a social media marketing tool without having a good understanding of hashtags and how they work.  Keep on trending with hashtags that people will remember.

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Tips for Marketing on Facebook

Image courtesy of newdavich at flickr.com

Many times when marketing for a company, you can come to a road block that seems to make it difficult to continue seeing an increase in your marketing plan.  Well, one way to expand to newer and more diverse users is through the social media giant called Facebook.  Facebook has gone from a website where friends send pictures to a place where people can interact with makers of certain products and gain a vast amount of knowledge about the company and product through a Facebook profile page.  Facebook can be a great marketing tool if used properly and can expand your brand awareness greatly.  Here are a few tips for you to get the most out of using Facebook for marketing.

First, keep updated images of new products and display them at the very beginning.  One example of this would be if you were a clothing store, have pictures of new outfits and accessories that just came in.  It is important to avoid putting pictures of items you don’t sell because people may come into your store solely for that option.  Keep the pictures new and fresh and change them often.  If a user comes to your Facebook page and frequently sees the same option over and over, they may think the page isn’t being paid any attention and delete it from their news feed.

Next, stay current on the page.  Provide status updates on various things from some informational posts, a little known fact about the business, or even a current sale going on for your company.  The more you post about anything the more times you will show up in someone’s news feed and this will increase your brand awareness by frequently reminding them about your company.  Facebook statuses are a tricky subject though because you do not want to overwhelm them with statuses and cause them to delete you from their pages.

Last, it is important to keep up with your customers on the page.  Don’t simply ignore the customers that visit your page.  If some customers have questions or made comments about something to do with your business, respond to them with an appropriate answer.  If they are curious if you have shoes in a size 9, let them know.  Answering questions and replying to comments can be greatly appreciated by a customer and can make them like the brand even more.

Facebook is a great and useful tool to increasing the awareness of your brand.  Don’t believe me?  Start up a page and see if you notice more company traffic.

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Improving Your Online Marketing Strategy

Image courtesy of MSEO FabianMedina at Flickr.com

We’ve spoken endlessly on the importance of building an online presence, and utilizing the Internet as a form of marketing, however what happens if you’re not getting the results you hoped for?  Well, for most people who dive right into the Internet marketing concept, that is the outcome.  One of the main things to keep in mind when starting on a social media marketing endeavor is to not have unrealistic expectations.

Here are a few ways to improve your already existing online marketing.

Think Socially

With the obscene amount of people that utilize social media, it should be an obvious way to turn when you’re looking for online marketing strategies.  Using social media for marketing is a very cost efficient way to get your name out there, and your voice heard.  A few of the more popular sites to try would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and YouTube.

Add Value

Another form of online marketing would be ‘content marketing’.  This is a way to get your business and website out there by providing valuable content to the end user.  The key to being successful with content marketing is to provide information that people will willingly seek.  Create blogs that contain substance.

Don’t Forget to Analyze

Take advantage of the many online analytics programs that are available.  For example, ‘Google Analytics’ is a free tool that can inform you who is searching for you.  It can also inform you on the outcomes of your current marketing strategy.

These days it’s nearly impossible to hold a successful business without having at least somewhat of an online presence.  Instead of being afraid of the tech savvy, plug your nose and dive into the great depths of the Internet ocean.

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