Social Media Strategy: Easier than You Think

Easy Social Media Marketing

Many companies are fretting about social media strategy all the time, losing sleep and constantly calling emergency meetings to define this new trend or investigate this new technology. A lot of folks get turned around because of the constantly-changing nature of the Internet and social media, and every time they hear of a new innovation, they panic.

The fact is, social media strategy is a lot easier than most people think. There are three simple rules to follow that will lead you to a clear social media strategy in a very short time.

Rule One: Listen to Your Market

The simple fact is, your market is always telling you what they respond to and what they want to see in the social media you’re putting out. All you have to do, really, is listen. A few simple questions to your clients and the rest of the market can get the process started, and you’ll have the cornerstone of your social media strategy without any expensive research or endless nights of number crunching.

Rule Two: Have a Narrow Goal

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to social media strategies is trying to create a master plan that encompasses a lengthy list of often incompatible goals that your social media strategy is supposed to support. Instead, start with what you learned in Rule One, and choose one narrow goal to pursue, and craft your social media in support of that. The more focused and specific that goal is, the more effective your social media will be when employed correctly.

Rule Three: Choose Your Metrics Wisely

Success is all about interpretation. Anyone who has dressed up some poor numbers for a big meeting knows the truth: Success is often more about the metrics you choose to measure it against than reality. Think of Amazon: Hugely successful company, or company that has never turned a profit? The answer lies in the metrics used. Don’t game yourself: Choose metrics that will give you the real story, and forget about others that don’t really matter.

Your social media strategy can be built from these three simple pieces: Your approach, your goals, and how you measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Don’t muddy the water with a million other concerns – keep your focus and keep it simple, and you’ll be able to leverage your campaign for ultimate success.

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