Making Content Marketing Better: Thirteen Ideas

content marketingIn the past, marketing was all about catching the eye and then drilling a message into the brain. It could be effective, but it also turned people off. Content marketing is a conversation, not a lecture.

Here are thirteen suggestions to make your content marketing better – and more successful.
Know Your Customers . Your content has to be specifically tailored to the interests and sensibilities of your target audience.
Steal Big, Steal Little
No, not content – but the techniques used to present it and share it. Look at sites in your industry
that get huge traffic, and study their moves.  
Accept Failure 
Sometimes you’ll post really great content that just won’t land with your audience. Shrug it off and move on.
Be Patient 
Don’t expect to wake up on Day Two and have an audience of millions. People will come if you consistently post great content.
Have a Blog 
The blog is venerable, but blogs are still hugely important. Maintain one with fresh content and your traffic will rise.
Vary Your Content 
Don’t write the same post over and over again on different subjects – take different approaches, like “Best Of” Lists and “How To” essays.
Use Images and Videos 
Text is great for conveying info, bad for catching the eye. Get access to high-quality stock images and videos, or create your own if you can.
Link It Up 
Your content should all relate to itself – have a theme, and address information in different ways.
Don’t “one and done” it – create a quiz associated with a blog post, or a video “master class.”
Shape for Devices 
Don’t forget, people will be viewing your content on a variety of screens. Make sure your content is
easily readable on them all.
Study Reactions 
You want conversation and interaction. Always look back to see what content inspired the most response, and learn why.
Quality over Quantity 
Longer isn’t always better, and neither is more. Instead of madly posting content or stuffing your
posts with verbiage, slow down and make sure your content is “must read/view.”  
Soft Sell 
Content marketing isn’t about the hard sell – ever. Just give people content they’ll be excited to read and share, and step back.
Minimize SEO 
SEO was once the screaming mascot of all online marketing – but today, it’s been back-benched. Still there, still useful – but toned down. 

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