Online Marketing Essentials: E-Mail

email marketingSome people think e-mail is so last century.  The kids, they say, don’t use it – everyone texts. Adults don’t read them either, they just delete or unsubscribe.  To put it plainly, these people are dead wrong. Email marketing is not simply effective, it’s absolutely essential for your online business.  But to get the benefit of e-mail marketing – to avoid being the company whose emails are simply deleted, or that’s inundated with unsubscribe requests, you have to make certain you’re using your email marketing correctly.

 One: Capture

 People are on your website every day.  You absolutely must make an effort to capture their email and their permission to contact them.  The two-pronged approach is simple: On the one hand, be aggressive.  Don’t make your email sign-up a passive link they must click – present them with the opportunity and a quick soft sell that pops up and takes the effort out of their hands.  Every customer you let leave your site without capturing their email address is a lost opportunity.

 Two: Add Value

 In order to get and keep their email and permission, you have to offer your customers something.  The easiest and most effective way to do so is to create a newsletter that is mailed out to your customers every month.  The monthly email newsletter may sound quaint, but if you fill it with great information and content – plus some newsletter-exclusive deals only for the newsletter club – they will feel like they’re getting something for free instead of being taken advantage of for the benefit of your marketing.

 Three: Make Sharing Easy

 On the other hand, the newsletter club is easy to join, and you want to be sure other people know this.  Make your emails easy to share by including buttons that automatically forward your offers, newsletters, and other communications with social media sites and other customers.  The easier you make it to share your emails with the widest possible list of sites and mediums, the more people who will hear about your latest article, tip, or coupon – and that’s the whole point of marketing, isn’t it?

 Don’t sneer at e-mail.  It remains a powerful marketing tool for any business – but only if used correctly.  Grow your address list, offer them a reason to keep listening, and make it easy for your customers to do your marketing for you and e-mail marketing will pay for itself many times over.

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