Blogging Is Critical To Your Small Business Social Media Marketing Success

Blogging is an effective way to direct traffic to your website, and engaging your customers in your content.  Posting about content that is relevant to your product or service is a way to catch the eye of readers via search engines, who will then be able to browse your site and see what else you have to offer.  They’ll be entranced by your interesting and informative posts and will come back for more.  As a digital media marketing tool, it sounds almost too easy.

It isn’t quite that simple in practice.  You need a lot more content for each post than you would use in a Facebook or Twitter post, and it needs to be well-written, interesting and informative.  A lot of businesses outsource this internet marketing step to make sure that it’s done properly, by someone who writes well and can do the legwork for you.  You need to use SEO – Search Engine Optimization – to sprinkle the desired keywords throughout your piece without overdoing it to add to the effectiveness of the tags you add to each post.  Having other websites link to your content gives it more credibility and higher priority in search engine results.  Social media consulting firms are often hired to take care of blogging simply because it’s too difficult for a lot of owners to do successfully on their own.  With blogging, often the costs of outsourcing social media marketing are outweighed by the benefits.

Blogging is a step that can’t be skipped, however.  In this day and age, it’s almost expected, even for small business social media marketing.  Choose the right blogging platform to start – Blogger, WordPress, or Squarespace are some of the most obvious choices – and design it to look both professional and interesting.  You want professionalism without being dull.  Next, set up a blogging schedule – about once a week is the longest you should go without updating your content.  Then gather up all the ideas you can muster and start figuring out how to use them to create fun and informative blog articles.  You want to focus on your content as much as possible for effective social media marketing, regardless of the platform, but that especially holds true for blogging.  Blogs are longer than other posts and need to hold a customer’s interest and attention a lot longer than a simple tweet or Facebook post would.

Use social networks – and a social media dashboard like Hootsuite – to promote your content.  Interact with anyone and everyone who interacts with you, and do so in a timely manner.  Even if the comments are negative, promptly replying and attempting to address the issue raised is the mark of a good business.  Doing so quickly will make the customer feel valued, and let him or her know that you are eager to solve their problem.  Good customer service is part of effective social media marketing.

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