Essential Tips For A Successful Facebook Social Media Marketing

When you create a Facebook account for your business, you’re establishing your identity online.  With over 1.06 billion users, Facebook is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s important that the impression you give on Facebook is both accurate and flattering.  Describe yourself and your business in an interesting way – such as mentioning anything out of the ordinary about yourself – and choose a relevant, flattering, and interesting profile picture.  You want to give a good impression.  Come up with a nifty catch-phrase you can use to describe yourself.  Facebook social media marketing involves making yourself stand out from the crowd.

Once you’ve created your page, begin adding friends – careful not to add more than 25-30 a day or Facebook will ban you – and begin spreading the word.  Your fan page and your main page should be updated regularly with content that will intrigue your fans and catch their interest.  Keep it clean, keep it relevant – although once in a while something random is fine, and it gives a break from the norm.  You don’t want your content to be all over the place, and you do want your content to be relevant to the reason people liked your page in the first place – your business.  If you’re in the wine business, news and events about wine are fine things to post.  If you’re in the moving business, advice columns and did-you-know fact sheets are handy.  In Facebook social media marketing, always try to relate whatever interesting content you come up with to your business.

Finally, advertise.  Facebook ads target users by their interests, the things they like and the activities they enjoy.  They can even target locations.  If you own a bicycle shop in South Florida, Facebook will target your ads to cyclists and outdoors enthusiasts in South Florida.  Facebook does all the difficult legwork for you in bringing your ads directly to the customers you’re looking for.  Facebook social media marketing is, in this sense, the easiest way to market.  Create an ad that will catch and hold the potential customer’s attention, and promote it with all you’ve got.  Facebook will do the rest.

Interact with your fans and friends.  On Facebook, interaction is key.  If you want to hold people’s interest, stay fresh in their minds, and ahead of your competitors, you need to interact well.  Contests, events, groups, and polls allow your fans and friends to interact with you and engage in your content.  Focus on your target market, and participate in other Facebook pages relevant to your industry.  Utilizing Facebook plugins makes your page more interactive, and customers will appreciate that.  Outsource social media marketing if you have to, but make sure you market yourself well.  After all, Facebook is the future of effective social media marketing.

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