Tweeting and Hashtags – A Combined Effort

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If you’re taking the route to adopt social media into your marketing plan, then why not make sure you explore all of the options.  Most companies do have a Facebook page, but some seem to neglect the reward that Twitter can generate for your business, especially if done correctly.

These days, it’s not enough to simply ‘tweet’ a message, you need to be able to understand and utilize hashtags.  Here are a few ways to help your small business by using hashtags correctly.

Search For Business-Specific Posts

Seek out specific hashtags of things that correlate for you and your business.  A few examples would be #smallbusiness or #SMB.  These hashtags will most likely lead you to posts that you and your business might be interested in reading.  It’s also possible to narrow down your searches and search for hashtags such as #marketing or #finance.  These will give you more direct results if you have a specific thing in mind.

Be Precise

A perfect amount of hashtags for a post is usually between 1-2.  Littering your post with hashtags only makes you look indecisive, and your post look cluttered.  Additionally, do not have too lengthy of hashtags, that pretty much guarantees that your post will not be sought out if searched, and that it will not trend.  Be creative!

Be Creative

Many businesses have found success with creating creative hashtags that are creative and fun.  Domino’s had many of their followers tweet #letsdolunch.  After 85,000 people tweeted that their prices dropped by nearly half during their lunch hour.  Thinking of creative ideas such as that is an excellent example of how Twitter can really aid a business that is trying to grow.

Be Organized

By using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck you can assign accessible columns.  This is a great way to keep you on top of what’s going on, and to be organized with both your hashtags and the one’s you’re interested in.

Follow Friday!

Follow Friday is a great way to be trendy in the Twitter world.  It’s best to support only 1-2 people per week using the #ff hashtag, although there are others that go all out and have a small list of people to follow.

You cannot successfully use Twitter as a social media marketing tool without having a good understanding of hashtags and how they work.  Keep on trending with hashtags that people will remember.

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