How to Use Pinterest in the B2B Marketing World

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If you have ever taken a glance at Pinterest you probably felt hungry at first sight.  This Social Media website is cluttered with pictures of appetizing food, along with the newest fashions and jewelry; however that’s not all that this rapidly growing website can offer.

It’s no secret that Pinterest is fantastic for companies that are trying to promote B2C sales.  Retailers and merchants have jumped on this bandwagon and are seeing results nearly instantly, but what can be done for those of us in the B2B world?

Well… The first thing to remember about Pinterest is that it is insanely visual.  For you to have any marketing success out of this free website, it’s important to muster up some visual content about your business.  For B2B creating a board that will show off the company’s corporate culture is the best way to go about this.

Another way to utilize Pinterest is to use it as a promotional tool for your blogs.  Pin eye-catching visuals that will make the users be interested in reading your written content.  These visuals can tack them directly to your blog which can help your SEO.

Finally, some companies have found success by pinning data charts about their business, and using their own research.  Keeping in mind that Pinterest is highly visual; you can create an aesthetically pleasing data chart in Excel.   Make sure the chart is clear, and it’s easy to interpret what the user is looking at.

People would never look at Pinterest and think that it’s a good tool for B2B marketing, and although it isn’t the best social media means to promote a business, it certainly is not something to overlook.  In the social media, world it’s important to always keep your eyes open for new options and new opportunities – and if that means playing around with ‘pinning’, then so be it.

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